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Are you seeking to continue your professional childcare career with a Delaware County governess job? Local nanny positions certainly value the immeasurable experience you can offer to a family!

Delaware County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Live In: Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Fri. (7am-7pm) and Wednesdays (7am-11am)
Children: 4 month old baby boy
Salary Offering: $650-775/week, Based on Experience
Note: Extensive childcare training and experience preferred
Children's Activities: At four months Jake enjoys being read to, being sung to, and going for walks outside. Above all else, he loves to be hugged and kissed.
Position Description: First and foremost - providing a safe, loving, fun environment for Jake. Second and close to the first expectation - talk with Jake; engage him in conversation and play. Feeding: currently, Jake needs to be fed every 3 hours during the day. Primarily we feed him 6-7 oz. of formula. We will rely on and expect you to come up with fun/interesting age-appropriate things to do with Jake. Examples: reading books, going for walks around the neighborhood, and playing on his level with him. We do not want Jake exposed to any TV. Jake’s diaper should be changed after every feeding. We expect Jake to be on a schedule so he knows what to expect every day. Wash and put away Jakes laundry, prepare his meals (he will be starting solids in the next month), and clean up his play area. Light Housekeeping: occasionally if time permits, we would ask that you load and run the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen floor once a week, and vacuum his play area once a week.


"As both my husband and I work full time, we understand that our nanny will have a profound impact on our son’s life. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, caring, and trustworthy and will work with us to provide a loving and nurturing environment for Jake. We look forward to creating a long-term relationship with our nanny. Ideally, someone with experience in a governess job in Delaware County would work with our family, as she would have the credentials we seek."

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Your credentials in the childcare industry can be expanded by a nanny position. Experience gained at your prior Delaware County governess job is most welcome by families in your area. Highlighted below are comments made by families about nannies with qualifications such as yours:

“Patti has been a joy to work with over the past 4 years! Our children have grown to love her immensely as their nanny, and count on her for many developmental and educational milestones that they have achieved over the years. Patti is a very gentle person that disciplines with a strong conviction rather than a loud voice, a trait learned at her prior governess job in Delaware County. We really appreciated this! We believe that this is important to the development of the children. Allowing them to be disciplined with a gentle touch has molded them today to be very polite and caring children. She also takes a refreshing approach to educating the children. Our children are better off today because of the lessons Patti has taught our children! For example, she taught Audrey how to read by using flashcards, poems, songs, and fun games to emphasize phonics and improve Claire’s vocabulary. Likewise, she looked for every opportunity to expose and introduce Andrei to letters of the alphabet; on a book cover, on a package of diapers, traced letters with him, drew them on the easel or sang about them, and identified them on his alphabet bus. As far as both children, she always challenged them to learning new vocabulary, geography, science wonders, and speaking with good grammar. She always had them learn through games, which is how Andrei learned his colors so fast! Patti also went beyond what was asked of her with her routine job responsibilities! She spent time cleaning and tidying up the garage when time permitted, volunteered and drove with Andrei to attend Claire’s Olympics since the rest of the family’s schedules did not allow them to attend, and also volunteered to stay overnight if inclement weather was forecasted so my wife and I could go to work the next morning. We were always very pleased with her creative and imaginative way to make ordinary tasks so special. The children were constantly learning around her, and they are much better off today because of this. Another wonderful thing about Patti is her flexibility. We constantly had different schedules for Patti each week. She accepted this nuance of our schedules and grew to be a constant in our lives. We appreciated her so much, and you will too!!”

“Kayla is a fantastic nanny; she is just like a second mother to Max. Max loves her, they play all the time, and she makes him dinners, gives him baths, reads him books and puts him to sleep. I was impressed with her background of working at a Delaware County governess job, and I feel like I can talk to her about anything. She is very loyal and responsible person. She comes to work early and leaves later and her hours are always flexible. I enjoy working with Kayla and it is wonderful to be able to have a person like her around my child. I love Kayla; over the year she became part of our family! She takes care of Max like her own child. I know when I leave for school or when I have an appointment I am leaving my child in loving and nurturing hands. When Kayla is in the house Max is always smiling. She finds different activities to do and different things to play with. On rainy days she brings in things that they can do indoors or takes him to different outside activities to make sure he gets all his energy out. When I come home I rarely find Angie just sitting around they are constantly doing something different and every time I come home I hear the laughter of my child and how much fun he is having with her. I would recommend Kayla to anybody and the family that will get to work with her is a very lucky family! She will be a wonderful addition to your home.”

“Angelica is a very loyal, reliable, and loving Nanny! She has been with me since my son was 3 months old. We all adore her and rely on her in many ways; she has been my right hand. She came to us from a Delaware County governess job with an open mind and an eagerness to help. My son was one of those babies who didn’t sleep and didn’t eat. Together we figured out how to soothe and feed hi, as well as potty train him when the time arrived. She has always thought about what was right for him as much as I did; she treats my son like family! Because of this Angie has slowly become a part of ours. Angie has always been punctual and flexible with her work times. If I asked her to come early or stay late, she almost always had the extra time for us; for a working mom this is essential. Angie soon began taking our son to classes so that I could spend more time working. She would also drive him to the park, mall, or the Party Gym on rainy days. If I didn’t have the time to get the groceries that week I could give her my debit card and a shopping list and she and my song would bring home our weekly groceries. Angie would do anything for our son! She has taught him great manners as well as his ABC’s and 123’s. The trust and bond that has developed between us is one that I will value all my life. It is my intention to maintain a relationship with her as a babysitter and friend to both my son and me. And now with feeding schedules, naps, pacifiers, and potty training behind us it is time for my son to go to school. We will no longer require a Nanny but we will all miss Angie dearly! If you are considering hiring her I can tell you that you will be lucky to have her in your home. Your children will love her as will you.”

“Sandy was able to keep up with our busy schedule and give our children the attention they needed while being easy to get along with. We hired her from her prior Delaware County governess job. Although we only had Sandy for a short time period due to our relocation, she was able to get along with everyone. She paid close attention to our children, which was important because we had a pool and the children frequently rode bikes and such in our neighborhood. She could easily make children’s meals and keep up after them when our children were a little messy. When we got busy with friends or work, Sandy was able to run some errands for us. We had no negative instances with her. After the children went to bed, Sandy was nice enough to spend time with our friends and us instead of secluding herself away. She is a very friendly person who appreciates family and can keep a good handle on children.”

“After the birth of my daughter I agonized over what would happen to her when I returned to work. I feared that she would be harmed or neglected if I either hired a nanny or put her in daycare. Then I was introduced to a person that made me forget my fears. Amy came to me with credentials ranging from a governess job in Delaware County, to daycare experience, to nanny positions. Within moments I knew that my daughter Alyssa would be well cared for and loved. Amy was my daughter's Nanny from four to eighteen months of age. During this time Alyssa has been well fed, entertained, and nurtured by her. Alyssa was dropped off each day at Amy's home, a baby proofed, clean, and inviting place full of toys, art supplies, and the things my daughter needed to be comfortable. When my daughter first entered Amy's care she had difficulty eating and sleeping on a schedule. Only a few weeks after being with Amy, Alyssa was eating and napping at predictable times each day. Amy made sure that my daughter's days were filled with educational play, care, food, and fun. When I picked up my daughter each day she was well fed, rested, clean, and happy. My daughter learned to love and look forward to her time with Amy, and that made me feel a great deal of relief each day when I went to work. When Alyssa was six months old I was hospitalized twice due to extreme asthma attacks. I was filled with worry as to what would happen to my daughter while I was in the hospital, and how she would cope with the days and nights without her mother. Amy rose to the occasion by caring for my daughter for extended hours, compensating for my husband's work schedule, and bringing her to see me each day. It was an immense relief to know that my little one was in Amy's care! In short, Amy became my daughter's second parent. Thanks to Amy's help and support Alyssa could count from 1-10 in both English and Spanish, identify many objects, sing songs, and say up to 55 words. She could also recite almost the whole alphabet. My kitchen is filled with pictures and art projects that Alyssa and Amy made. I will miss having her as my daughter's nanny!”

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