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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Having trouble finding a job in this economy but have great experience with children? A child care position could be your perfect fix!

Lehigh County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Live Out Monday through Friday (7:00pm-4:00pm)
Children: 8 years old and twins boys
Salary Offering: $575-$700/week, Based on Experience
Note: Prior experience with middle-school aged children is wonderful!
Children's Activities: My busy boys love playing sports and being outdoors. If you love soccer like my boys, that’s a plus! They also love karate and would a third person to participate with them!
Position Description: Being loving and outgoing towards my children is ideal. Also running children to karate and soccer would be a must!


"Accepting this Lehigh County Child Care Job will allow our family to build a long lasting relationship with you, which is exactly what we want!”

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Are you currently living in and near Lehigh County and looking for a job that you’ll look forward to everyday? This child care job that is available is a perfect fit for you! Below are reviews that you may read and see just how perfect you would fit this position!

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Elizabeth! She has been a student teacher in my fourth grade classroom for the past semester. She has been responsible for twenty-five to twenty-six students in the heterogeneous classes, including students with IEP's. Elizabeth was involved in planning and teaching all subject areas related to the fourth grade curriculum. She demonstrated outstanding content knowledge relating to all the lessons as well as bringing in her wealth of background experiences to further enhance the students learning! She developed lessons, instructed and team taught both whole class and remedial groups to meet the needs of all the students. She is very energetic and creative, and teaches all her lessons with an incredible amount of enthusiasm. She would be perfect for a child care job in Lehigh County. As well as a part of the faculty, Elizabeth assumed all of the duties of an educator. She was always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed. She interacted very professionally with all staff members, and demonstrated elite professional qualities when working with students and parents. Elizabeth's passion is apparent; her eagerness and spirit is evident in all she does as a teacher. She brings such enthusiasm and would make a positive addition to any family!”

“Cathy has been the assistant teacher in both our toddler room and infant room. Her expertise, knowledge of the young child, teaching techniques, child management skills, enthusiasm and genuine love for all children is highly commendable! She provides quality care for each and every child in her Lehigh County child care job. Cathy views each child as "special" despite their individual differences and sometimes challenging needs. During her time as a student, Cathy eagerly offered part time employment and has always been an extremely conscientious, respectful and flexible employee. She has always been a focused and very mature employee who continues to go beyond her required tasks as teacher. I am confident that Cathy will be an asset to your family!”

“We feel very lucky to have had Ruthann as our summer nanny for the past three years! She went well above the normal day-to-day routine of our Lehigh County child care job by acting as a great role-model for our children, teaching them new games, keeping them busy in a fun, positive way and helping out with household duties. Ruthann cared for our children during the last three summers three days per week. My husband and I both work outside the home. Ruthann would always arrive on time with a plan of activities for the day. She taught our children crafts, new card games and carried on great discussions with them that helped them make good decisions in their own lives. She would be happy to do household duties such as laundry, running errands, grocery shop, cook dinner and clean dishes. She has a very calm, patient demeanor, and at the same time would make our children laugh! Ruthann is a college graduate with a teaching degree, which is an added bonus! She has experience working in a classroom setting with children and is never at a loss for fun things to do with them. Ruthann is also a certified lifeguard and taught our children how to swim. Any family would be lucky to have Ruthann in their household!”

“Tabitha was extremely capable of changing diapers, handling two crying young children, preparing meals, ensuring my children were safe at all times and entertaining, entertaining, entertaining! She was always on time and never canceled - not once in 3 ½ years! Tabitha is incredibly capable of caring for children and extremely reliable. Tabitha loves to be with children and it shows in her work. She was a freshman in college when she started working at our Lehigh County child care job and was changing my children’s diapers as if she had been doing it her whole life. Crying children do not fluster Tabitha! She entertained my daughter from the minute she walked in the door until the minute she left. My son is severely autistic and is non-verbal. She was able to meet all of his needs while I was gone. She was willing to come watch my children even when they were sick. A childcare provider like Tabitha is hard to find; she is a true catch. Our family (especially my daughter) misses her dearly already!”

“I am pleased to have this opportunity to write a recommendation for Sara! I have worked closely this academic year with Sara as she completed her practicum field experience in the fall and her student teaching in the spring. Both of these experiences took place in a suburban fourth grade classroom that included students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. This school also contains a significant number of children from Navy families. I had the opportunity to observe lessons in literacy, math, science, and social studies. Sara planned her lessons carefully, prepared and organized good materials, and taught using a constructivist approach. Her students had many opportunities to experiment, explore, discuss, write, and even perform skits. She was consistent in her classroom management practices and students were always aware of expectations. They responded well to her and it was evident that there was an atmosphere of mutual respect in her classroom. She has a variety of solid experience working at a Lehigh County child care job with children including teaching dance and swimming. Her relationship with her cooperating teacher and other school professionals was strong and productive! During this academic year, we conducted a pilot program in order to provide students with more opportunities to teach and professionally reflect on their teaching practice. Sara was part of this pilot program and it is evident that she has gained solid teaching experience as well as the ability to reflect and modify her teaching based on student assessment, need, and observation. She brings a strong background of academic and practical experience and will be an asset to your family! Thank you for considering Sara for a Nanny position!”

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