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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Your Lehigh County home health aide job has provided you with skills that are in high demand among families seeking nannies for their children who may have special needs.

Lehigh County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (7:00am-3:00pm)
Children: 1 Month Old
Salary Offering: $650-$750/week, Based on Experience
Note: Baby has a medical condition that requires caffeine drops with first morning feeding formula needs to be thickened with commercial thickener.
Children's Activities: At this point, sleeping and eating
Position Description: Care for our daughter while Dad is at work and Mom is recovering. This includes feeding, bathing, and some play time so she meets her developmental milestones, and changing. Child is on a heart/respiratory monitor as a precautionary measure.


“We are seeking a friendly, energetic, professionally accomplished, and patient nanny. Experience at a prior Lehigh County home health aide job would be extremely helpful, as our daughter does have some very sensitive medical issues.”

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Do you enjoy the feeling you get at your current Lehigh County home health aide job, but know that you would feel more at peace when working with children? Families seek skills like yours, and those below speak volumes about nannies that are similar to you:

“Aroune is a delightful young woman who has cared for our two children over the last several years. She transitioned from her prior Lehigh County home health aide job beautifully, and she was anxious to work with our children! She goes to extra effort to bring books from the library that both of our children would enjoy. Sometimes instead of reading to them herself, she will help our son Pierre read a story to his young sister. Other times she will bring board or card games to play with our son Pierre after his sister goes to bed to learn his ABC’s and colors. Aroune has even managed to convince Pierre that carrot and celery sticks along with an assortment of fresh fruits are really "fun foods"! In addition, Aroune shares her love of music with our children. Her cultural interests run from her country. Sometimes they all sit quietly and listen to music. On other occasions you can find them dancing or exercising to their favorite songs. Even though Pierre is only two years old he enjoys singing. As a result of this, Aroune teaches him little tunes that he proudly performs for us! Often my husband and I return to find drawings, paintings or small craft projects that the children have made with Aroune’s patient assistance. We have found her unselfish and diligent care of our children a true blessing and confidently recommend her to you!”

“Cindy is a warm and caring person who reMikayla enjoys taking care of others! Her caring nature translated quite well from her prior home health aide job in Lehigh County to her current nanny position in my home. Cindy’s activities with our daughter kept pace with her development. InitiMikayla, she was responsible for ensuring Mikayla’s infant needs were taken care of: feeding, diaper changing, age-appropriate stimulation, working on large and small motor skills, etc. As Mikayla grew older, Cindy continued to work Mikayla on her education and social needs. They would spend their days reading, going to the park, visiting the library, taking walks, and doing art projects. Most recently, Cindy created an alphabet book with Mikayla where they painted and colored the letters. As Cindy had previously worked as both a Nanny and in a daycare environment, she had a lot of great age-appropriate activities for Mikayla! Over the summer Cindy played a more instrumental role in our son’s activities. SpecificMikayla, she had come up with an idea for the two of them to make a solar system! Jake loved that project and had it hanging in his room for months! In the afternoons when Jake would have friends over, Cindy provided the boys lunch and snacks while supervising their activities. Cindy was consistently pleasant, always showing up to work on time and with a smile! She was also incredibly flexible with our schedules. She was easily able to accommodate the occasional early morning or late arrival home. We feel fortunate to have had Cindy as a caregiver! We are convinced that our daughter owes much of her development to Cindy’s presence!”

“I have known Michelle for twenty-five years in various capacities such as a coworker at a Lehigh County home health aide job, Nanny and friend. She is a caring individual who is able to identify the needs of each child in her care and develop a program that meets their needs and allows them to be successful in their learning environment. She shows respect for children and their parents and is able to build a good rapport between school and home. She will be an asset in any home because she is dedicated to the wellbeing of young children.”

“Jamie is a lovely person and a dedicated Nanny. She is great with children; they love her as the parents do as well. I would recommend Jamie for any Nanny position! She is a special person with a special gift for children. She is a kind and caring person who will go out of her way to assist with any needs. In fact, she originally worked at a home health aide job in Lehigh County before she came to our nanny agency. She is a great Nanny and her love of children makes the job a joy for her. She is wonderful person and friend and I am blessed to know her!”

“Eunice and I work in the children’s department together. We watch the children, feed them, teach them, and sing songs with them! Eunice is a very nice person. She is friendly and very interactive with the children. It is easy to see that she is comfortable with them! She has good control over the children and they listen to her. She is very fun with them! Eunice has a good heart and she is a hard worker for sure! It is wonderful how she volunteers her time with the children while maintaining her Lehigh County home health aide job. I have nothing negative to say about her. I highly recommend Eunice for a Nanny position!”

“Denise was a terrific nanny! She cared for Georgia in a very loving way, and was very committed to her work for our family. She kept the house neat, even though I was clear that her responsibility was to care for Georgia, not do housework. She was also a pleasant presence in our home. Georgia was my third child, and with the other two I had put them in daycare rather than hire a nanny. I was rather hesitant about the commitment involved with hiring someone to come into my home. It is more intimate a situation than the term "employee", as my daughter had severe special needs. Denise was the answer to my prayers! I met her when she was working at a home health aide job in Lehigh County for a neighbor of mine, and we hit it off right away. Denise exceeded all of my expectations, and showed me how valuable it could be to have childcare in my own home! I recommend her without reservation!”

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