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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Having a Lehigh County Household Manager Job is a big undertaking! Keeping a household in order requires a lot of diligence, and that’s why applying your skills to working as a nanny could be just what you need to do what you do best while enjoying a less stressful, more fun environment!

Lehigh County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (7:00am-5:00pm)
Children: 5 year old boy
Salary Offering: $600-$700 per week
Note: Household manager experience a BIG plus!
Children's Activities: Baseball, basketball, tennis, riding bike, reading books, hide-n-seek, playing cars, art
Position Description: Preparing, dropping off, and picking child up from school. Feeding breakfast and dinner. Bathing. Helping us manage our daily tasks (dad works from home and needs someone who will keep everything organized)


“We are basically looking for Mary Poppins! We want a nanny who will be there to nurture and care for our son and to encourage his imagination while also being able to help keep us organized. We are a very busy couple, so knowing that our child is in capable hands while knowing we can attend to our daily tasks while our home is kept in order is very important. Someone who has had a Lehigh County Household Manager Job before would suit our needs in every way!”

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If you currently have a Lehigh County Household Manager job and would like to do something the employs your keen organizational sensibilities while still being fun and interactive, a nanny position like the one above is right here waiting for you here at ABC!

“Joyce loved my children as if they were her own! She was extremely interactive, very hands on and loving with the children. She was always playing games and letting them be themselves. Most importantly, she was very patient and understanding. What is so amazing about Joyce is that she did this but at the same time she kept our lives in order. She was able to do this because of her prior Lehigh County Household Manager job. She helped teach manners and respect in a loving and patient way, and my children will love and cherish her always! Joyce has so much to offer any family! She is amazing with children, and is very patient and loving. She treats them as if they were hew own. In addition to being amazing with my children, she is excellent at managing a household- from grocery shopping to planning/cooking for parties of 30 and fixing computers too! I cannot express how amazing she is! Any family would be lucky to have her!”

“I cannot say enough good things about Linda! She came to our family¬ originally just for a month, at a particularly difficult and stressful time, and she not only agreed to stay but has repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty as she worked to make the past year less difficult for all of us, but most especially for my two sons! I know that living through our family ups and downs has not always been easy for her, but throughout she has been the same loving and positive individual! Our children became attached to her very quickly and she has never failed them, being a warm and nurturing presence for them while at the same time providing the necessary structure and discipline. Linda is with the boys from the time they leave school until or through dinnertime; she does almost all their homework with them. (Homework is no light task, since one of our sons is learning disabled.) I know that I can always count on her to let me know what's going on in their lives and give me any up-to-the minute communications from their teachers! In addition to the above, priceless qualities, Linda has a gift for organization which has been a godsend to both the boys and their mother. There have been a well-above-average number of appointments and dueling activities to track and coordinate and Linda has risen to that challenge with aplomb. Moreover, she does not let the grass grow under her feet when the boys are in school, instead taking on myriad projects for me, which range from running errands to researching obscure queries and potential purchases. (Speaking of purchases, Linda is an avid bargain-hunter and has guarded our budget more zealously than I could have!) Her efforts on my behalf have saved me a great deal of stress and helped me make deadlines that would other have slipped or been lost altogether. Her Lehigh County Household Manager job or two that she had before coming on with our family definitely gave her the edge we were searching for!”

“I was first introduced to Stephanie through my full-time Nanny, and also Stephanie's cousin. My older daughter, Alesandra, was 2 years old and my youngest daughter, Danielle, was just born. Stephanie began working for me as a fill-in on Louise's days off, vacation, etc. This went on until Louise had to depart from her position and I hired Stephanie as my full time nanny. She was wonderful as a nanny - very caring, patient and helpful! My daughters looked forward to her arrival each day. She was extremely helpful in multiple ways and worked well with my children as well as myself. She did everything from changing diapers, feeding, playing, to helping with food shopping and all around keeping our lives in order. I trusted her completely, even driving with my children in her car! She has also vacationed with us on our boat and at the beach during the summer. This was quite a change for her from her previous Lehigh County Household Manager job, but she took to it beautifully! Eventually my mother moved in with us on a permanent basis, and I no longer needed a full time nanny. We were sad to see Stephanie leave. She was an all around terrific person and I am glad that my family had the opportunity to have had her as part of our lives!”

“I met Kimberly 24 years ago and she has been my best and dearest friend ever since! To know Kimberly is to love her, it is just something that comes along with the territory. She truly is a very special and unique person. As far as caring for children, or anyone for that matter, she is one of the most giving and affectionate people I have ever met! There is nothing that she won't do for you, no matter how well she knows you. Kimberly's mother being a single parent, I've watched her through the years as she helped raise her younger brother and sister, as well as the much devoted time she spends with her niece, and let me tell you, she is just simply amazing! Kimberly didn't watch or spend time with her younger siblings because it was her responsibility; she did it because she truly enjoyed it, as she still does with her 11-year-old niece. I see the relationship that she has now with the 3 children that she cares for, and let me just tell you that they love her very much! She kept all of them in line and kept track of all of their activities each and every day! These qualities made her absolutely perfect for a Lehigh County Household Manager job, and when she was offered one a few years ago, she didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge! Kimberly doesn't go to work and think of it as a job. Now, working with my family, she enjoys every minute she spends with my children. She is not one to pop in a video and let them be, she is constantly doing some kind of activity with them, whether it is making crafts, painting pictures, playing games or just taking them to the local park. Kimberly is one of the few people that I would completely trust their lives with! Anyone would be extremely lucky to have Kimberly care for their children!”

“Mallory is a very sincere and honest individual who I have relied upon many times, and needless to say she was always there without hesitation! She is one of the most positive people I know! As far as a Nanny is concerned, If I ever hired one I would only want her. She has been around my children since they were born. They refer to her as Aunt Mallory. I have watched her interact with my children and have trusted their lives with her. She has cared for them in my absence, as well as vacationed with us. She is a natural, which probably stems from her mother, who she is very close with. She is patient, understanding and playful! I have also seen her interact with the 3 children whose family she had had a Lehigh County Household Manager job for. Mallory adores the children from the family she’d worked for as they do her, and if she were ever to be offered a position as a nanny, one could not ask for anyone better!”

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