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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Are you ready to leave your Main Line administrative job for a more active career? Pursue a nanny position, and your multi-tasking skills will be well-received by families in your area!

Main Line Nanny Job:

Part Time: Monday through Friday (3:00pm-9:00pm)
Children: 12 year old boy
Salary Offering: $15-$17 per hour
Note: Child’s routine needs to be upheld
Children's Activities: He plays soccer and basketball at school, and enjoys skateboarding.
Position Description: I would like her to pick him up from school, prepare dinner, make sure homework is completed, tidy up the house when needed, and make sure laundry is done as needed. I also would like her to take him to activities when needed, and pick up groceries when needed.


“As Kyle’s guardian, I am seeking someone who is calm, pleasant, responsible, organized, good at sticking to a schedule, attentive, detail-oriented, patient. Honestly, someone who has experience at a Main Line administrative job would be great; familiarity with the area and multi-tasking capabilities are most appreciated.”

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Are you tired of juggling mundane tasks for no meaningful end result at your Main Line administrative job? Shift your talents into a nanny position, and you will find your days much more profound! Those who submitted information below respect nannies that have backgrounds like your own:

“As a parent, I like to be informed about my children’s day while I’m at work. Miriam made it very easy by communicating with me daily about their activities the previous day. She certainly had the phone experience, as her background entailed a Main Line administrative job! She was very in tune with the children’s needs and was also excellent at lovingly disciplining and explaining why the children were being disciplined. Also, she seemed to be the one who most helped the Director, picking up some additional duties such as creating information letters to parents and coordinating fundraisers. She was often the one to call when the daycare was closing early, or if one of my children was ill. She seemed to go above and beyond her duties. One of my favorite things about taking my children to the daycare was that I was able to speak with some of the teachers. I truly enjoyed that, especially with Miriam. She is an all-around, kind, caring person. She was always very good to my children and still asks about them today! The most important thing to know when you when your children are in another’s care, is that they are being loved. I can tell that Miriam truly did love all the children she cared for.”

“Ellie is and has been the best caregiver I ever had my two sons love her and still ask if she is coming over. She went over and beyond all the calls of duty. She loves to have fun and doesn't mind playing with them but it has to be safe for them like a "spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down". Ellie is on time, lovable and cared for the children not just because it was her job but because she really cares. I meet her through her Main Line administrative job and from the minute I first met her (she even looked like she would be a teacher) my boys loved her. They don't go to many people but Ellie cheerful smile made them feel great. I only work part time now or I would still have Ellie watch my boys.”

“Jen is wonderful! She is so caring and compassionate with the children. She is responsible and reliable. She has a wealth of common sense, which was certainly honed at her prior Main Line administrative job. Jen is an excellent role model for the children and I have a lot of respect for her. I think anyone who knows her does. She is really top notch! Of course, she is a very hard, dedicated worker.”

“Katie was a wonderful childcare provider! I was hesitant at first to hire her because her prior position was at a Main Line administrative job. However, Katie’s warm personality and strong work ethic won me over quickly! My son has Down syndrome and Katie was not afraid of the challenge. She educated herself in sign language so that she could communicate with my son. She also knew the importance of feeding and playing with my son. She was very therapeutic with him and he loved her! My daughters adore her as well! They always said how fun she was. I definitely saw Katie as a part of the family. When my son was in the hospital for 4 weeks she came daily to visit him as well. She would hold him and sing to him in the hospital so when it was time for me to go back to work his transition was wonderful. She always was able to adjust herself to my sons need. She knew how to handle his demeanor and searched ways to improve. She also worked very closely with my son’s therapists. She wanted to make sure that his therapy did not stop after the sessions. She learned little games and exercises to incorporate into his day. She also was a good communicator. I never felt as if I missed a beat. Even though we have moved to a different state we keep in very close contact with Katie. My son still knows by looking at her picture that she is still his Katie!”

“Noelle did full fill all job requirements. When we first met she worked at a Main Line administrative job. Since then she has moved into the childcare field. My professional experience with Noelle is in a childcare center setting. My first day taking my first-born son to daycare was a nightmare for me. I was a nervous first time Mom who was leaving my child in the care of 'strangers'. Noelle worked in the infant room and was my go to person for all matters relating to my son's care. It was her good nature and comforting support that got me through those first really challenging months at the daycare center. As my son has moved through his many ages and stages in his life and at the center, Noelle has remained a constant source of support and advice for us as she supervises several of the rooms and staff members we interact with. She would make a great nanny!”

“I would definitely recommend Sharon for the Nanny position that she is applying for! She worked under my supervision at her Main Line administrative job. She has always conducted herself in the highest degree of professionalism. She has done an excellent job of pitching-in where needed and always extends herself beyond her responsibilities. Sharon proactively searches for ways to improve both her activities and department processes for efficiency and greater opportunity based on consumer needs and insights. She is always looking to improve her own skills and impact. At all times, I have found Sharon to be dependable, reliable, conscientious, honest, and hard working. She brings joyfulness to everyone she meets! She reaches out to others to provide guidance, and knowledge to help them accomplish their goals!”

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