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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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It is both important and dull to file the day away, organizing those who refuse to be in your Main Line clerical job. Children close to your home would be happy to fill your days with pleasant activities, as well as keep you busy!

Main Line Nanny Job:

Full Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (7:30am-7:00pm) and Thursday (8am-4pm)
Children: 3 years old and 7 months old
Salary Offering: $600-$700 per week
Note: Mom is seeking a nanny who will be her ‘right-hand’ and help to keep her organized
Children's Activities: Our 3 year old daughter goes to school 3 days/week. She loves her friends and teachers. She takes ballet and will play soccer in the spring. She loves to dress up, play board games, go to the park and just be active. Our 7 month old daughter will start music classes soon and loves being around people.
Position Description: Our nanny will be responsible feeding, dressing, and bathing the children. She would need to drive the children to and from school/play dates/classes. She should engage the children in activities. She will also be responsible for laundry, light household cleaning and some food preparation. Most important we want to find someone that puts our children first and foremost. However, with our busy schedules, we would like to find someone who is willing to make our lives a little easier by taking responsibility for some of the household tasks.


“Our best nanny choice will be someone who is mature, kind, loving, responsible, easy-going, and approachable. We would like to find someone who would like to be a partner in raising our children and help us keep our busy schedules organized. If their background was one of a Main Line clerical job it would be most helpful due to that individual’s organized nature.”

Apply Today!


If you find contentment in a Main Line clerical job when filing and maintaining order among a bee-hive of disorganized coworkers, then a warm and welcoming nanny position in your local area is not the best fit for you; however, if you would like a breath of fresh air from a local park while playing with children, apply today! Families below are glad that their nannies did:

“Jamie is extremely responsible and dependable. While observing Jamie throughout the years at our Main Line clerical job, I noticed how much would say that she loved interacting with children; it was only natural for me to have her care for my child. She has been caring for my son since he was two months old. Jamie possesses a natural ability to communicate with children! She teaches them new things while making it fun so they don’t even realize that they are learning. When leaving my son in Jamie’s care I always feel confident that he will be cared for safe. Everything about her comes straight from her heart and is reflected in the children’s love for her. Jamie keeps him very engaged and works on his letters and numbers. She always is playing games with him and discussing days of the week and months of the year etc. When Jordan was an infant she was always very delicate with him. She is extremely mature for her age and always knew what to do if he needed to change or a little extra attention. She now will take him to the park and activities. I always feel completely confident that he is being very well taken care of when he is in her care. She does anything we ask her to and our home was always very well maintained while she was there. I highly recommend her to any family considering hiring a nanny without reservation – she is loving and responsible nanny and I am sure any family would be thrilled to have her care for their children!”

“April was and is an outstanding childcare provider! I was always comfortable with her caring for my children! She was considerate and loving with my children and I feel very lucky to have had her help me when I needed it! She managed her time efficiently and creatively. April is very well rounded. She watched my four children regularly while working at her Main Line clerical job. Since April comes from a family of four, she was quite comfortable with the chaos that four children in one house can bring! She always showed patience and understanding with all the children at all different ages! She helped with homework, errands, and dinner. I feel very honored to have had her in our family! She is and was always so very helpful! Anyone that gets April as a Nanny will be very lucky!”

“Claudia has always gone above and beyond our family’s expectations! She cares for infants as if they were her own and she loves to play with my 3 year old. She is very patient and loving! She also voluntarily pitches in on any household chores that need to be done. She was always on time, if not early, a quality she perfected when working at her Main Line clerical job. She was very trustworthy and nurturing. She helped out so much when my youngest child had severe reflux; we could not have done it without her. I cannot say enough about Claudia, except that I trust my 2 children with her, and that says it all. Claudia was also very confident with following the household rules and always showed respect to the family which is very important.”

“Nadiyah was our family’s favorite caregiver! She was fun and responsible. I completely trusted her! Even when one of our children had a seizure, Nadiyah handled it beautifully. She was as supportive and caring, as a Nanny should be. She was never harsh, but knew how to take control of a situation. My oldest son was not easy, but did a wonderful job with him. Nadiyah seemed to enjoy playing with our children. For many years she worked at a Main Line clerical job, but I knew how much she loved children so I asked her to care for mine on an as needed basis. My children saw her often and were very comfortable with her! She was a part of the family; we miss her very much!”

“I have watched Stephanie grow, blossom and mature through her Main Line clerical job. During this time, she willing and ably interacted with my younger children in her spare time, especially in recreational activities. I always felt comfort knowing they were in good hands. My children looked forward to seeing Stephanie and would rush outside to greet her when she left her house! It is obvious that she genuinely likes children and cares about their welfare. I feel she would make a very good Nanny.”

“I worked with Nicole at a Main Line clerical job. She is very organized, dedicated, and reliable! Nicole and I worked very well together! After I separated from the daycare, Nicole and I remained friends. She began caring for my two daughters on an as needed basis. My oldest daughter, Morgan, is autistic and disabled. She loves Nicole and is completely comfortable around her! My youngest, Lily, loves Nicole as well! Both of my girls are extremely excited when they hear Nicole is coming over to play!”

“Fleur has been very helpful to me in the past few years! She did anything from changing a diaper, to making lunches, to swimming at the community pool during the summer. Last year I had surgery performed and Fleur was very reliable. She graciously took time off from her Main Line clerical job to get my children off the bus, make them dinner, and saw that they arrived at their extracurricular activities. She was always punctual and responsible!”

“Kathleen provided childcare for our daughter Amelia a number of times prior to the birth of our second child, and when he was a newborn. Although she came from a background of working at a Main Line clerical job and was rather young and new to caring for children, she was very confident and communicated well with us! Our daughter Amelia felt very comfortable with her, unlike with other childcare providers, and looked forward to her visits! We only stopped using Kathleen due to schedule conflicts and ultimately our move from the area. Given her maturity at that age, I'm sure she would make an excellent nanny, and if she lived in the area, I would certainly use her for our four children!”

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