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ALL Maryland ABC Nannies Have:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Exceptional Verified References
  • Drug Test through Quest Diagnostics
  • CPR Certification
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File - FBI approved!
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified Results Presented to you prior to hire!

Are ONLINE OPTIONS through "CRIMINAL.COM" sites safe?

Question: Where can you find a skilled and dignified Nanny with superior credentials "

Consider why there is one answer.

Here at ABC Nanny Source we understand that finding the appropriate avenue to hire a professional Nanny for your family is a very personal decision. To ensure that you are receiving the most skilled caregivers, let's explore some common questions below to identify what is most important to your family and especially to your children!

Answer: ABC Nanny Source - look below for reasons why!

Hundreds Apply
Extensive Interview
Extensively Interviewed
Extensive Interview
Only the Best Accepted


Question: When you meet with potential Nannies, how important is it to you and your family that these candidates have already been interviewed by a professionally trained team?

Common Concerns with Online Searches: Often with online database searches you are not sure of whom you are meeting with or if they have been properly screened and filtered. Frequently, you will end up spending long hours going through thousands of unqualified candidates with little to show for your efforts. More often than not you end up with more questions than answers.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Each nanny has met with two Placement Counselors and submitted to each part of our 10 Step Screening Process. Our Placement Counselors take personal pride to ensure that each candidate exceeds the expectations of our families. They focus on each detail, even something as small as the warmth of the applicants smile, to the firmness in her handshake. Each Nanny must be able to give an in-depth articulation of her past child care experience as well as displaying the utmost integrity, responsibility, and professionalism in all aspects. ABC Nanny Source’s world class standards lead to less than 10% acceptance of candidates to be represented by us.

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NO Shoplifting
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NO Public Drunkenness
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NO Asssault/

FULLY Comprehensive Criminal Background Investigations

Question: When selecting a candidate, is it comforting to your family that ALL candidates you are considering have cleared a background investigation before inviting them into your home to meet your family?

Concern with Online Searches: While online searches will provide you thousands of people to review, frequently the information is out of date or insufficient. You would almost at times literally have to be currently incarcerated for the red flag to come up during the background screening process. What’s the solution to this ever growing problem in the world we live in today?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Each Nanny that is represented by ABC Nanny Source has been extensively investigated for safety purposes and cleared of all illegalities. We conduct National Background investigations in additional to acquiring FBI acceptable electronic fingerprints on each of our Nannies before they are accepted for representation. The safety and care of your family is our first priority and something we take every very seriously to assure you that each candidate presented to you is a trustworthy and reliable individual. It is without a doubt that our process exceeds any other not only locally, but throughout the entire country.

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NO Driving Under the Influence
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Averting Disaster



Question: Is it important to your family that each candidate you are meeting with is a safe and reliable driver?

Concern with Online Searches: Online databases do not even take this critical factor into consideration. If it’s left in the applicant’s hands, sadly many may not even offer up past accidents or violations, fearing it can hinder them in finding a position. Unfortunately many do not take into consideration the safety of the children they are caring for by not revealing their irresponsible actions. How can we resolve this critical shortcoming in the hiring process?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source obtains the history of each applicant’s driving motor vehicle report before representing them to families. This closes the gap in the hiring process as this sort of information is not attainable by the general public through an online database and often discloses very pertinent details about an individual, especially related to their level of responsibility. These reports will contain all moving violations, suspensions, and accidents the candidate may have had. Additionally, any driving under the influence related offenses, driving while speaking on a cell phone, careless driving offenses or any other irresponsible indiscretions will all be made known to you prior to your decision. ABC Nanny Source provides only the most responsible candidates to meet your needs.

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NO Substance Abuse
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Question: Is it important to your family that each candidate you are considering isn’t using any illegal drugs?

Concern with Online Searches: How can you possibly check for illegal substances through an online search? Quite literally you can’t as this information is not easily attainable to the general public. It may not be your first concern in dealing with potential caregivers; it certainly is an underlying factor in the hiring process. How can we resolve this key issue providing comfort for your family?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source utilizes Quest Diagnostics to conduct a full drug screening on each considered candidate prior to acceptance with ABC. This report discloses to us absolutely any traces of cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, marijuana, and PCP’s. We understand completely the dangerous implications that come with drug use and the results of this test are taken very seriously. A healthy and responsible individual is essential to that of an equally dependable and professional caregiver. The Nanny you select for your family will undoubtedly become a very influential role model for your children and as a parent you would only want the most trustworthy and commendable individual to set an example for them. ABC Nanny Source solves this crucial issue allowing you to hire with assurance that your nanny is a reliable individual.

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FBI Submissible Prints
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Electronic Fingerprinting

Question: How important is it to you and your family that each candidate has been fingerprinted?

Concern with Online Searches: This process requires face to face interaction to ensure the security of the fingerprints obtained. There simply is no way to verify the validity of the fingerprints through an online search. How can you resolve this sensitive issue?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny makes use of state of the art equipment and technology while at their recruiting locations. Each candidate is then required to provide appropriate identification prior to electronic scanning. These prints are then saved on file for each and every represented candidate and become accessible to your family after hire. Your family’s safety and security are our primary concern

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Verification Group
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Question: How important is it to you as part of your search to review the past experiences of the candidates you are reviewing?

Concern with Online Searches: While resumes are an easy and convenient source of information for anyone seeking a position, all too often the accuracy of each entry is difficult to validate. Online searches thus will lead to many results but many likely will have little to no value to your needs. How can you be sure that what you are reading is indeed true?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source has an entire Verification Department dedicated solely to this purpose. As part of our process each potential candidate must be able to provide at least three childcare references in addition to two character references. The sole objective of these references is to provide our families with a clear and concise view of the individual they are considering with an unbiased view. The ABC Nanny Verification Team contacts all parties who supply a reference providing confirmation that our Nannies are not only trustworthy and accountable, but also ensure your family that they have verifiable experience.

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Question: Many people are concerned that the candidates you are considering have verified identification and are legally authorized to work in the United States. Is this a concern of yours?

Concern with Online Searches: Unfortunately, the increase in identity theft has made it nearly impossible to verify that the person online is indeed who they say they are. Phishing could be used to gain confidential details about you and your family. This could place you at undo risk. What can you do to close the gap on this critical issue?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: The ABC Nanny Source verification process requires all candidates provide proper photo identification as well as confirmation that they are able to accept employment in the United States. ABC Nanny Source also verifies the identification with the state officials from their driver’s licenses. Every measure is taken to make absolutely certain that the person you are contemplating for employment is legitimate and safe.

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Question:How important is it to your search that your Nanny is prepared for emergency situations?

Concern with Online Searches: Frequently people may boast that they are First Aid or CPR trained. Sadly all too often these ‘certifications’ are out of date or not properly documented. What can be done to resolve this concern?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Preparing for the unexpected is as much of a concern for us as it is for your family. At ABC Nanny Source we verify that each nanny represented has current certification in an accredited CPR course. This crucial step in the process helps to provide you and your family with a safe environment in the event the unexpected happens.

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Question: Is it imperative that the nanny you hire is committed to staying on board for an extended period of time?

Concern with Online Searches: In the tough economic times we live in today, many people who are not professional nannies use this profession to transition to the position they are REALLY looking for. In many cases these candidates will not disclose plans to relocate or begin a full time school course load that can drastically affect their availability in the coming months. Your investment in time and resources finding your ideal nanny could be wasted when they decide to leave after a short period of time. How can this concern be mitigated?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source understands stability in the every family is crucial and we take this very seriously. We require that all candidates that are accepted have signed a one year commitment pledge stating that they are seeking a position for a minimum length of one year. ABC does not accept any candidates who are in a transitional period and fully know they will be unable to make this sort of duration of employment.

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Question: Is it critical to your family that you have a source to go to for answers when questions arise? Will it be beneficial to have your own personal consultant for pay increases and performance reviews?

Concern with Online Searches: With online searches there is no support team in place to address these concerns for your family. You are left with a tedious search that doesn’t offer professional or personal guidance for your family. What are you to do? How can you resolve this critical issue?

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source takes the time to follow up and ensure that the nanny hired is not only meeting your expectations, but going above and beyond in her care of your family. This has proven to be of great value to working professional parents. ABC is so confident in each placement that we offer each family a full one year guarantee as a protection if a need for another nanny arises for any reason.


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