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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Are you seeking a Clerical Job in Montgomery County PA? You may want to consider switching into the nanny profession for a much more rewarding daily routine!

Montgomery County PA Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (8:30am-6:30pm)
Children: 2 year old boy
Salary Offering: $600-$700/week, Based on Experience
Note: Active Toddler!
Children's Activities: Playing in the park, play dates with neighbors, and playing with his toys at home
Position Description: Indoor activities with little boy as well as outdoor activities; Prepare and feed breakfast and lunch Put down for a nap Read Creative activities; keep up with his laundry and prepare his meals.


"Seeking someone Nurturing, loving, flexible, fun (approach work with a smile on her face), trustworthy, and creative. Someone that understands the need of the child and adjusts daily activities to his needs and rhythm. Please have lots of energy. Additionally we would like someone who could also serve as a personal assistant as well and has experience potentially at a local Montgomery County PA clerical job – but obviously the childcare piece will take priority!"

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Are you currently in a Montgomery County PA clerical job? You may instead enjoy the opportunity as a nanny! Experience working in an atmosphere such as this may give you the “know how” to multi-task in a home environment working with precious children! See the quotes below of parents who hired someone with your background to care for their precious child(ren) and consider today joining ABC Nanny Source!

“Sylvie definitely fulfilled all of the requirements and more! I simply wanted her to care for my baby, and she would clean the house, cook dinner for me and drive me to and from class. I could also call her last minute and she would help me out. I met Sylvie through a chiropractor and she was a receptionist in a completely different field as a Montgomery County PA clerical job, and when I learned that she was in my area, I asked her to assist me from day one! From the time my child was born, I never encountered any issues with Sylvie. My daughter has grown attached to her, and she is always welcome in my home! She is a wonderful person and excellent with children!”

“Heather was very helpful whenever I needed a reliable caregiver for William! She was extremely caring, and was good around children. He learned a lot from Heather, and I know she will be a good candidate for your position. Heather cared for William when he was three years old to about eight years old. She was working during the day at a Montgomery County PA clerical job and so the hours were usually after school, whenever I worked late and needed a childcare provider, and when I went out of the country for personal reasons. She fulfilled my requirements by helping my child with homework, making sure he went to bed early when she was at my house overnight, fed him, and sometimes did his laundry. I feel very satisfied with her work and ability to learn about my son’s needs!”

“Karen went above and beyond! She cooked for my son and cleaned play areas and spoiled linen even at times when she was not asked. Having enough to worry about in my day, I never had to worry about my son’s care in Karen’s hands! I could leave my home and come back without any issues. Karen started in a Montgomery County PA clerical job so she is in my opinion a “jack of all trades” and when she switched over to the childcare profession she knew she found the career for her! She knows how to handle even the toughest situations with children, and I know she will prove to be an asset to your family!”

“Jennifer was extremely helpful in our program working with inner city youth who needed both academic help and mentoring. She addressed personal issues with children and helped them work through whatever issues they brought up during our program and she also served in the capacity of the Montgomery County PA clerical job role in the center. She was tough on them when she needed to be to push the students to achieve more, but was kind and understanding during this process. I have come in contact with a lot of people in my life who have been of great inspiration to me. Of all of them, the ones that have stood out other than direct family members are my teachers and coaches. Those people made me feel important and made me feel like they understood or at least attempted to understand and pay attention to my needs. There is no value you can place on giving attention to child and making him or her feel important. This is what gains trust. Jennifer has all of these qualities and I hope you will give her the opportunity to showcase her talents!”

“My experience with the Lila was a great one! She is a reliable worker and was very good with my daughter. She kept her engaged when I could not be there. My daughter enjoyed her company and all the fun activities that they did! Lila fulfilled her job requirements and duties as expected. She interacted with my daughter and engaged in meaningful activities with my child such as reading, coloring, and going to the park. She also did light duties such as child’s laundry, healthy meal preparation, dishes and dusting. Lila is a very trustworthy and dedicated person, and I most definitely recommend her for a nanny position! She also would at times help me as a personal assistant and has the capability from her experiences from her Montgomery County PA clerical job to work as a personal assistant and proved to be extremely capable. Basically I would recommend Lila in any environment professionally; she has excellent work ethic and is dedicated to everything she does!”

“I had a nice experience being around Nicole. She was always ready to do anything I asked her to do, and did everything perfectly! Nicole was always on time to care for my two children. She was genuine, honest, highly educated, caring, and proved that she knew what she was doing. I remember at the end of her position with us, we found it hard to let her go. We knew that it would be very hard to find such a wonderful person like Nicole again and we found her based on sheer chance; she was actually working in a different capacity all together at a local Montgomery County PA clerical job – go figure! My experience with her has been a good one and a time to remember!”

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