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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Apply your Philadelphia Baby Nurse knowledge in an advantageous Nanny position! Local families often seek your credentials!

Philadelphia Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (7am – 1pm)
Tuesday and Thursday (12pm – 6pm)
Children: 6 months old
Salary Offering: $13-$16/hour, Based on Experience
Note: Proficiency with infants and newborns required
Children's Activities: Walks in the park in her stroller, singing, playing with toys and reading to her
Position Description: All care associate with baby including play time, reading, changing diapers, feeding and nap time.


"I would like to employ someone who loves to work with children and is reliable, very warm, energetic and calming. I would also love the nanny to have previously worked at a baby nurse job in Philadelphia, reinforcing a patient and nurturing personality."

Apply Today!


Your Philadelphia baby nurse job experience would be extremely valuable to a family with a newborn. Parents in your area are looking for the nurturing and calming demeanor your experience can provide. Please feel free to read what these families have to say.

“I was very hesitant to trust someone to take care of my daughter because she was born 15 weeks premature. Yet, when the time came for me to go back to work, I knew that Tammy would be the perfect person to care for my child. With her childcare background and previous Philadelphia baby nurse job, I felt confident that I had nothing to worry about. She has always gone above and beyond the job requirements. Amy has not only worked as my daughters Nanny, she has also become her friend. She has also helped me out on occasion with very short notice. She is the most reliable person that I know! Amy has been so helpful to me, and my daughter just loves her so much!”

“After the birth of my daughter I agonized over what would happen to her when I returned to work. I feared that she would be harmed or neglected if I either hired a nanny or put her in daycare. Then I was introduced to a person that made me forget my fears. Irene was working at a baby nurse job in Philadelphia when I met her. Within moments I knew that my daughter Alyssa would be well cared for and loved. Irene was my daughter's Nanny from four to eighteen months of age. During this time Alyssa was well fed, entertained, and nurtured by her. Alyssa was dropped off each day at Irene’s home, a baby proofed, clean, and inviting place full of toys, art supplies, and the things my daughter needed to be comfortable. When my daughter first entered Irene’s care she had difficulty eating and sleeping on a schedule. Only a few weeks after being with Irene, Alyssa was eating and napping at predictable times each day. Irene made sure that my daughter's days were filled with educational play, care, food, and fun. When I picked up my daughter each day she was well fed, rested, clean, and happy. My daughter learned to love and look forward to her time with Irene, and that made me feel a great deal of relief each day when I went to work. When Alyssa was six months old I was hospitalized twice due to extreme asthma attacks. I was filled with worry as to what would happen to my daughter while I was in the hospital, and how she would cope with the days and nights without her mother. Irene rose to the occasion by caring for my daughter for extended hours, compensating for my husband's work schedule, and bringing her to see me each day. It was an immense relief to know that my little one was in Irene’s care! In short, Irene became my daughter's second parent. Thanks to her help and support Alyssa could count from 1-10 in both English and Spanish, identify many objects, sing songs, and say up to 55 words. She could also recite almost the whole alphabet. My kitchen is filled with pictures and art projects that Alyssa and Irene made. I will miss having her as my daughter's nanny!”

“Jane has been our nanny for the past 8 years, since my daughter was a few months old. She has known my son since the day he was born, and has helped care for them both since infancy. My daughter is now 8 years old, and my son is 5 years old. She has always been very responsible, caring and professional! I have a very long commute to and from work; hence Jane has a long day from breakfast through dinner. As our family grew, Jane’s role evolved from caring for infants and toddlers, to caring for two school age children with homework, Brownies, play dates, soccer practice, and on and on. She has always handled every task, from diaper changing to soccer drop off with care and professionalism! She is very reliable and has hardly ever missed a day of work, only on the occasions of family emergencies. Jane has been an exemplary nanny to be in our employ for so long; however, the very best opinion comes from both my children who love her and will be very sad to say goodbye. They feel as if she is a member of our family! We wish Jane the very best luck in all of her future endeavors, weather she decides to return to her original Philadelphia baby nurse job or another nanny position!”

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Lori as a nanny. She has been the best thing that has happened to us since the birth of our 2 boys. A promotion at work caused me to be less flexible and with our sons both being under the age of 2 we knew we would need a nanny that had plenty of experience. Lori’s previous Philadelphia baby nurse job provided exactly the background we were looking for. For 3 years she has helped me and my husband become better parents as well as nurture our boys as if they were her own. Lori is very friendly, energetic, reliable, extremely organized and resourceful. One of my most memorable moments with Lori is when she planned Brandon's 2nd birthday party. I didn't think there was enough time but she baked the cake, prepared appetizers, decorated our backyard, and hired a clown. It was then that we knew that she really enjoyed being around our boys. Lori loves taking them to the park, zoo, bookstore and setting up play dates. It's a good feeling to know your children are not home just sitting in front of the TV. My husband loves how she teaches them to do things independently. The children often say, "Lori says I can do it I'm a big boy". She has been crucial in the development of Austin and Brandon and for that we are very grateful.”

“Anne is a wonderful person and nanny to our daughter. Anne is kind, gentle and patient, as well as very warm and affectionate with our child. In return, our child developed a genuine bond with Anne, delighting in her arrival and saddened by her departure each day! Under Anne’s care, our child blossomed from an infant to a self-confident preschooler. Much of this was due to the previous Philadelphia baby nurse job that she had held. Anne always seemed to notice the children with whom our daughter liked to play, and arranged play dates at local parks and in our home, thus helping our daughter to form friendships with many opportunities to socialize with her peers. She also noted the things our child liked to do or might like to do (such as coloring or using a chalkboard, or needing a small art table, etc.) so that we could provide them. She also read avidly about child development, and we were told in our weekly discussions regarding current and possible future milestones and stages. Anne is very conscientious about her role as a nanny, and she truly became an integral part of our family. She helped in our home by keeping our child’s clothing, room, playroom neat and clean, as well as with various household duties pertaining to our child. Anne is very safety conscious and outstanding when it comes to always letting us know where they will be for the day; therefore, we have complete trust in her judgment. Our entire family has had an extremely rewarding experience by having Anne in our lives! We were very blessed to have found her, and are confident that she would be an asset to any family, therefore, we recommend her for any nanny position!”

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