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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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A local Nanny Position is a most fulfilling Philadelphia Entry Level Job found at ABC Nanny Source!

Philadelphia Nanny Job:

Part Time: Split Shift: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (6am – 10am and 3pm – 8pm)
Children: 8 years old
Salary Offering: $15 - $17 per hour/based on experience
Note: Family is interested in personality over experience!
Children's Activities: Board games, reading books, playing outside
Position Description: Mom and dad are looking for someone who can help their son get ready for school and walk him to the bus stop, and then be available to meet him at the bus stop again in the afternoon and care for him until parents arrive home from work.


"Our son is a very well-mannered 8 year old. We are looking for someone who will be willing to play games and participate in various activities with him until we can arrive home from work. Personality is much more important to us than a lot of experience. We are more than willing to consider hiring someone who is seeking an entry level job in Philadelphia!"

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Are you currently working at an entry level job in Philadelphia and are interested in a change? Are you looking for a more personal one on one childcare experience? These reviews were submitted for Nannies just like yourself!

“Christina played with Ronnie and Jacob, mediated between them, gave them a snack, and got them into pajamas and ready for bed. Christina watched Jacob and Ronnie for me every week so I could participate in a class. I had met Christina while she was working an entry level job in Philadelphia, and immediately felt a connection. She has a wonderful personality, with an amazing outpouring of love. She began by watching my children in the nursery at work. After seeing how amazing she was with them, I asked her to help me out at home as well. Christina is a thoughtful and conscientious person by nature. I always felt that the boys were going to be safe and happy in her care. They both really liked being with her. I am so glad that I have been able to utilize her services. She will be a great asset to any family!”

“Ania has cared for my two children two days a week for almost a year. She began working for me after a recommendation from a family friend. Ania was working an entry level job in Philadelphia. Ania has become a great asset to my family! She always comes to my home ready to take care of the children the moment she walks through the door. My daughters get very excited when they see her arrive! She is very creative with my older daughter. When Ania is here, she and my oldest daughter paint or make art projects. They are so good that my daughter takes them to school for show and tell! In addition to being able to entertain my older daughter, she has been great with my youngest as well. She is very calm with her and teaches her new things every time she is here. Ania is very intelligent and professional! She listens to my needs and has always followed my directions in regards to the children (nap time, meals; cleanup of their toys etc.). I highly recommend Ania and find her to be one of the most professional nannies I have ever hired! My children love spending time with her and they look forward to her coming to my house every week!”

“I don't use the words "cared for" lightly. Erin was a wonderful nanny, and caring for my son was exactly what she did! I honestly felt that watching him was more than just a job for her, and that she cared about his wellbeing. He smiled every morning when Erin arrived at our house, and as a first-time mom working long hours, I always felt very comfortable leaving him in her care. She went above and beyond meeting our son's basic needs! He was always clean, well fed and happy when I returned home in the evening. Our home was also appropriately clean, the dishes were put away, laundry was folded, etc. It was very apparent that Erin cared about this job much more than the previous Philadelphia entry level job that she held. Erin has an incredible amount of energy, and always took my son on walks, to the playground, to the library, to the bookstore, or anywhere else she thought he would enjoy! She sang him songs and played games with him. I remember coming home one day and discovering that Erin was teaching him to "point" with one finger – a developmental skill that would not have occurred to me. I especially appreciated all of the ways Erin made my life easier. She was very respectful of my and my husband's roles as parents, and I always felt that she implemented our own view of how our son should be raised rather than choosing to implement her own personal views. I can also say that my neighbors noticed and commented to me about how engaged Erin was with our son at all times. She simply is not one of the nannies I see all too frequently that spends more time on their cell phone than they do interacting with the children they are supposed to be caring for. Rather, my neighbors have told me that she was constantly talking to our son and sharing experiences with him as they were out and about. She was especially careful on "outings" because our son has food allergies, and Erin was always incredibly conscientious in making sure that he did not come in contact with anything that could make him sick. She is also incredibly patient. While our son was teething, he often would not go to down for naps unless he was rocked to sleep, and when necessary she would spend hours rocking him to ensure that he got the sleep he needed. Erin is a fantastic caregiver, and your family will certainly benefit from her presence!”

“My husband and I were very happy knowing that our daughter was in good hands with Marissa while we were at work! She got down on the floor and played games with our daughter, was very creative and made a lot of pictures, took her for walks and to the playground often. Marissa was always very punctual and our daughter was happy to see her every morning! Her previous entry level job at a Philadelphia daycare was a tremendous contributor to her ability to care for children. She always had new ideas for crafts or activities. I highly recommend Marissa and think she would be an asset to the next family that hires her!”

“Reba cared for my son Richie for two and a half years. Reba was a professional in every sense of the word! She always took her responsibilities seriously. She took care of him for two and a half years until it was time for him to go to pre-school. She did everything for him, and went above and beyond my expectations! Prior to working for my family, she was working at a Philadelphia entry level job in a day care center, and her passion for children was very evident. I immediately noticed how much she genuinely cared for the children and their wellbeing. My son loves Reba dearly! She was kind, compassionate, calm, and everything you would dream of in a nanny! Richie was her first priority and he knew it! As well as taking care of my son, Reba also cooked and cleaned. She did all of my son’s laundry and no matter what I asked her, she always came through. I feel fortunate to have had Reba in my home taking care of my son. I recommend her highly and with flying colors!”

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