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ALL VA ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics drug testing
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Are all Nanny Agencies in Virginia the Same?

ABC is a New York Nanny Agency!Most certainly not! It is extremely important to find out as much information as possible when hiring a Virginia Nanny Agency. You want to be sure that the Nanny Agency in Virginia you employ is going to offer safe nannies and outstanding service. An agency that appears to be the least expensive up front may end up costing you the most in the end if you receive nothing substantial in return. ABC Nanny Source recommends referring to the following list of questions when comparing various agencies.

Does your agency perform identity verification on ALL candidates?

Meet the Staff at our NY Nanny AgencyIdentity Verification is not a requirement for most Virginia Nanny agencies! In this case, the agency really has no idea who they are referring to your family to care for your children. It should be very obvious that this should not be an option in order to ensure the safety of your family.

All of ABC's Virginia Nannies are required to submit to an Identity Verification process conducted by a trained professional in order to be accepted. A candidate is not considered as a potential Nanny candidate until they have sucessfully passed this step. Each candidate is required to complete our extensive 10 Step Screening Process prior to being accepted as an ABC Nanny. All of the details of this information, including the demeanor of the candidate will be provided by a Placement Counselor for your review. Our NY Nannies are legal!

Does your agency verify that the candidates are legally authorized to accept employment in the United States?

In order to protect your family, each candidate’s authorization to work in the United States has been verified! All candidates that apply to be an ABC Nanny Source Virginia Nanny are required to be citizens or legally authorized to work in the Unites States. This information is verified prior to the applicant's acceptance to ABC Nanny Source.

Does your agency require nannies to undergo clearances before or after the point of hire?
Our New York Nannies go through a 10 step screening processYou may be shocked to learn that many Nanny agencies do not have a screening process in place, and those that do often do not perform the appropriate clearances until after the family has hired them.

You can be certain that each candidate represented by ABC Nanny Source has been thoroughly researched and completed our entire 10 Step Screening Process prior to being accepted by the agency. We provide you with all of this information in order for you to make an informed decision as to which nanny you would like to invite into your home.

Our NY Nannies are guaranteed to stay at least a yearDoes your Agency provide a guarantee on the services provided? If so, how long is the guarantee and if I need to have my Nanny replaced will I be charged a hefty prorated replacement fee?

Most Virginia Nanny agencies do not provide any kind of guarantee. And if they do, the guarantee is usually extremely insufficient. Some agencies have guarantees that are very short lived, while others may offer an extended guarantee but only after charging you a high prorated fee for services they’ve already provided!

ABC Nanny Source offers you an entire One-Year Guarantee when you register. We want your family to feel completely secure in the Nanny you hire and confident that the agency will stand behind their placement. It is extremely common for our Nannies to stay far beyond one year and we want you to feel confident in your choice. Within that one year, if for any reason your needs change or you are unhappy with the placement, you can initiate another nanny search for a replacement. You will not incur ANY fees during this replacement search. In order to expedite your request, you will most likely be re-assigned to your original Placement Counselor, since she best knows your specific requests.Does your nanny agency in NYC require any life saving skills?

Does this Agency require Nannies to become CPR Certified?

We all hope that our children will be free from any accidents, but unfortunately they can happen. It is shocking to find out that many Nanny Agencies in Virginia do not require ANY lifesaving skill performance training or certification. It would be irrational to hire an agency that does not require their childcare providers to be trained to handle emergency situations.

ABC Nanny Source has a No Exceptions rule where CPR certification is concerned. All of our Virginia Nannies are required to be Certified in Adult/Child and Infant CPR.

ABC Nanny Source welcomes inquiries regarding hiring a Nanny! Please feel free to contact an ABC Placement Counselor today!


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