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"The amount of dedication to safety and organization that ABC Nanny Source puts in when it comes to such confidential information was what surprised me the most. I was so glad to read over multiple extensive profiles so that I could pick the best nanny and already trust her by the time she came to my home. I was fully relaxed even on the first day, because it already felt like I personally knew the nanny! That’s how descriptive their profiles are. From start to finish, the process was made simple, and I can confidently say we hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

ABC's Atlanta Nanny Agency is proud to have nannies like Maryanna who value teachable moments!

Atlanta Nanny Maryanna's References

“She has done a fantastic job working with my son. She was his nanny for 2 years and has always been willing to go the extra mile and help with anything I needed. She has been an absolute joy and willing to help out with whatever I needed, whether it was homework help, starting dinner, or straightening up around the house. If I had a last-minute change, she always did her absolute best to accommodate. I always found her to interactive, considerate, professional, and a wonderful role model for my son. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would easily give her a 10 and recommend her to your Atlanta Nanny Agency!”

“She cared for my twins and they enjoyed her company. When it was time for homework, she helped them. When they played, she played with them. She is trustworthy and our boys love her. She bathed them, fed them, taught them and played with them when we needed her. She even stayed overnight with them when my wife and I were traveling. She also helped out with errands when needed. I always found her to be trustworthy, honest, dependable, cheerful, and responsible. She started with my boys when they were infants. They are 10 now and still talk about her. I think that says a lot about her.”

“She was always very responsible, but also energetic and fun. She has always been there when we needed her from the time my twin sons were one month old. She helped with bringing them to their appointments and activities, preparing meals, and tidying up around the house. She also has a good understanding of kids and is very comfortable working with them so I'm so happy I went to this Atlanta Nanny Agency. I always felt comfortable leaving my kids with her. I knew she would be very responsible and would deal rationally with any unforeseen circumstances. She would contact me when it was the responsible thing to do, but she was able to make good executive decisions, so she didn’t contact me when she didn’t need to. She is completely trustworthy and reliable.”

“She served as a camp counselor and swim instructor with children from four to 12 years old. She was always on time and very helpful to the counselors and the kids. She was very responsible and always followed the rules. She was always available to help when extra time was needed. I have nothing but positive things to say about her. She was a great role model to the children at the camp. She was so interactive with them and always maintained a positive attitude. She is understanding and very qualified to work with children of all ages. I know that I can always count on her when something needs to get done.”

“She cared for my daughter in the summer months and it was like a ray of sunshine whenever she appeared. My daughter, Grace, and her friends loved her. Watching them was like watching a mother hen with her chicks so I certainly recommend her to your Atlanta Nanny Agency! She arrived each day eager to do the job. She took her responsibilities very seriously and oversaw the kids going to all different sorts of entertainment like water parks, amusement parks and to the beach. She also helped out with meal preparation and grocery shopping. She was cheerful, understanding, adaptable, conscientious, and energetic. She made our summer wonderful!

“She is extremely reliable and hardworking! I have known her for 5 years and was her roommate for 2 of those years. She is one of the most responsible and dependable individuals I know. She has a very strong work ethic and gives her all in any job/activity she is a part of.”

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