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ALL GA ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics drug testing
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

ABC's Nanny Agency in Georgia is getting FANTASTIC reviews!


ABC Nanny Source receives encouraging testimonials from our families at a greater rate than we can keep up with! Please feel welcome to read through some quotes and cards of a appreciation that have recently been sent to us!

Georgia Nanny Agency“Our three kids can be a bit of a handful, and since we decided to bring a nanny into the house two years ago, we have had no less than three nannies who simply weren’t experienced enough to handle their energy and the other duties we needed them to do, like take our children to appointments, or help prep dinner. It was a mess. Honestly, I was starting to give up on the whole nanny thing and considering just quitting my new job to stay at home. But it was during low that I found ABC Nanny Source. They listened to our every need, so that all the nannies they offered to us had every qualification we were looking for, and background check and certifications to back them up! We ended up picking the nanny we have now (And have had for about two years now!) and she is an absolute saving grace! Our kids have never been better behaved. They are fed well, entertained and stimulated, and make all their appointments on time! I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to find ABC Nanny Source, but it just makes me appreciate all that the agency has done for us that much more!”

Let us help find a GA Nanny for your family!“I seriously can’t recommend ABC Nanny Source enough. We have been with them for six years now, since our oldest was about 8 months old. Right from the get-go, the Placement Counselor assigned to us reassured us that the nannies they represent are as safe and professional as can be, and it was so evident in the selection of nannies they provided us with. The nanny we chose was the kindest person, and she had enough energy to keep up with our daughter once she became a toddler. She really became a part of our family and was with us through all the ups and downs of welcoming a second child to our family, our vacation to Disney World, and my mother-in-law passing away. Unfortunately, we had to move to a new city for work reasons last year, and therefore leave our wonderful nanny behind. We knew we’d keep in contact with her, but we also really needed a replacement caretaker. ABC stepped in right away with the same Placement Counselor who’d helped us five years ago, and who had been a great resource for us in the interim. Within days we had picked a new nanny, and she has been just fantastic so far—we can’t wait for her to become just as much a part of the family!”

Nanny Placement Services in Georgia“We love ABC Nanny Source in this house! I have heard absolute horror stories from friends who found their nannies through online listings or nationwide companies. There are so many lies about experiences and qualifications and gosh my anxiety could never allow me to leave my children, my heart, alone with someone so untrustworthy. Right from the start, our Placement Counselor walked us through what we would have to do as an ABC Family and let me tell you, it was practically nothing! They already had results of drug tests, background checks, driving records, CPR certifications, and more for all the nannies they showed us! My husband and I were so relieved when we could look through the nannies’ profiles without worrying about the things they weren’t telling us—because there weren’t any! The nanny we ended up deciding on is now so precious to us. She knows just how to take care of our kids, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, and she is just an all-around wonderful person. All this because of how spectacular ABC Nanny Source is at finding the best nannies! I couldn’t recommend them more!”GA Nanny Agency

"ABC Nanny Source has just been a joy to work with. My husband and I adopted two little ones (2 and 3) who we just simply can’t keep up with! We love them to death and want to give them every opportunity in the world, so we decided a nanny would be a great idea to keep them having fun and learning. Our ABC Placement Counselor was very attentive and understood all of our requests. She supplied us with not one but three nannies who would have been perfect for the kids—all we had to do was pick one! It was such a simple process, which my husband and I greatly appreciated as we both work full-time and do as much as we can to dedicate the free time we do have for the children. Our fantastically energetic nanny also knows Spanish, which was something we wanted but weren’t sure if we would get. Our babies are from Venezuela, so we really wanted them to learn Spanish from a young age to keep them connected with their heritage. Thank you, ABC Nanny Source for taking our requests seriously and really making this an enjoyable process!”Need an Georgia Nanny? We can help!

“I go on a lot of business trips for work and my husband simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to give enough love and attention to our son as well as make dinner and keep the house in shape, all by himself. We knew we needed a nanny from the beginning but finding one who would be able to adjust to our scheduling needs was tough. ABC Nanny Source found the perfect solution for us—a live-in nanny who is very flexible and has an incredible work ethic. She has been a true life saver. ABC Nanny Source takes the time to get to know all their nannies, so they already knew all of this, making it simple and quick for them to find us this perfect nanny! She’s even from our area and already knows all the best places to take our son on outings, which could rarely have happened even while my husband and I were both home! I would recommend ABC Nanny Source to anyone, especially those families who don’t think there’s a solution, because ABC will find one, I’m sure."


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