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Nanny Employment

ALL GA ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics drug testing
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Testimonials From Georgia Nannies

“I had started working at a daycare at age 19, frankly because I needed some source of income to help get me through college. I had no idea at the time that I would fall in love with the childcare profession. A few years into this job, I began to realize that I cared about these children way too much to give them 5% of my attention for five hours a day. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and almost immediately began the search for a job as a career nanny for a family in the area. I relished the idea of getting to spend years with just a few children and watch them grow to become beautiful little people. I tried to go through online venues for a few years bur it never worked out! The lack of contracts, benefits, and respect are ridiculous. Thankfully, this was when I found ABC Nanny Source. I applied and managed to be accepted by the company within a week!! My Placement Counselor said it wouldn’t be long before they found a family for me, so I let my boss at the daycare know I would be leaving them soon—and wow was my Placement Counselor not kidding! Just another week later and I was already interviewing for the family I am with now. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’ve found a family that makes being a nanny everything I had dreamed it would be; the kids are the sweetest things and the family really treats me as if I belonged with them. I’m so glad ABC Nanny Source gave me the boost I needed to find this family.”

“The thing about ABC Nanny Source is they treat you like a human, rather than a number on a screen or an assignment to be finished. When I decided to join ABC, I thought that every nanny agency was the same, but it didn’t take long to find out how wrong I was. After submitting my application, I got to talk one on one with a Placement Counselor who really cared about finding me a job that fit me and my experiences and that was close by. The extensive verification process we went through gave me so much hope and trust in the agency, because even though it seemed strenuous at times, I could really tell that ABC cared about being honest and helping us nannies put our best foot forward. And it helped that they kept me updated whenever there was a change in my information, so I felt like I could really be a part of the process. I met a few families before my current one, but I now can’t imagine being with any other—our personalities fit together so well, and it really is a joy to come into work every day. I can’t thank ABC Nanny Source and my Placement Counselor enough.”

“I’ve been a career nanny for no less than 20 years, the last 5 of which have been with a family through ABC Nanny Source. I must say that I have never experienced the kind of service ABC provides at any other agency. They truly treat every nanny and family with respect and an understanding of the urgency with which nannies need families and vice versa. It was amazing how quickly they were able to help me through the application/verification process, and it only too two weeks from when I signed up to begin interviewing for real positions that really fit me. It didn’t take long to find the family I’m with now, either. I can’t imagine ever returning to another local agency, because ABC Nanny Source has all my trust and support!”

“When my husband lost his job last year, we knew it was time for me to start looking for work of my own to help with the deficit. I simply loved raising my kids and watching my friends’ kids as well, so I already had my eye on the nanny profession, but I didn’t know it would be so hard. At one point, I had my name on file at three different agencies and still nothing was happening! It was so frustrating, as my husband was still trying to find work as well. Thankfully, I stumbled upon ABC Nanny Source and applied out of desperation. The response from them was so hopeful and heartwarming! Finally an agency that wants to see me succeed. They heard me when I said I needed a job as soon as possible, and they kept me in the front of their minds while they got new families with available positions. I was able to interview for three families at once, one of which ended up being the perfect match! I now get to care for the two sweetest little girls right here in my hometown. And this whole process was undergone before receiving a single communication from the other agencies I had signed up with! ABC Nanny Source is a diamond in the rough, and I am so grateful for all they’ve done for me, and in turn my family.”

“I never would have considered pursuing a career as a nanny if my best friend hadn’t had such a fantastic experience with ABC Nanny Source. I had spent a number of years teaching various grades, but it wasn’t bringing me as much joy as it once had. About 4 months ago, my best friend, who is herself an ABC Nanny, could see where I was at with my job and suggested I become a nanny with ABC Nanny Source. You guys really impressed her. She is in love with the kids she cares for and their family as a whole, and really couldn’t have talked better about the service ABC provides. I guess I’m the perfect picture of how great word-of-mouth is for advertising, because I took her word for it and have never looked back! I have now been with the family my Placement Counselor found for me for 3 months, and I am so glad I get to spend such quality time with them and use my teaching skills to help them learn!”

“ABC Nanny Source deserves all the praise it gets. The staff is thoughtful and caring, and the company itself is organized and reputable! I have worked with two families now through the agency and can’t imagine using any other source. The thing is, my first family had some personal complications and had to let me go abruptly after just a few months! While I understood that life just does that to you sometimes, I also felt scared and rejected. Thankfully, ABC Nanny Source and my Placement Counselor had my back the entire time. I told them what had happened, and they were incredibly understanding! They instantly began the search to find me my new family! Because there were no hard feelings between me and my previous family, my counselor was even able to get a wonderful letter of recommendation from them, which really helped me get my next job. The family I’m with now is just as perfect as the one before, if not more, and it’s 100% thanks to ABC Nanny Source! You won’t regret working with them!”


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