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"The amount of dedication to safety and organization that ABC Nanny Source puts in when it comes to such confidential information was what surprised me the most. I was so glad to read over multiple extensive profiles so that I could pick the best nanny and already trust her by the time she came to my home. I was fully relaxed even on the first day, because it already felt like I personally knew the nanny! That’s how descriptive their profiles are. From start to finish, the process was made simple, and I can confidently say we hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Taniqua loves encouraging children to be active and to learn at every opportunity as their Coweta County, GA Nanny!

"My references would describe me as a dependable, professional and extremely reliable childcare provider. I am self-motivated and hardworking. I love interacting with people of all cultural backgrounds. In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for helping nurture and develop children. I am extremely enthusiastic and educationally focused and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your children’s growth and development as their Coweta County, GA Nanny. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set including tutoring, mentoring and educating children. I have worked with children ranging in age from newborns through school age and have enjoyed every minute of it. I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cheyney University. I would love a family that is extremely active and promotes a healthy life style. In the summer time I’m a fish and come winter I love playing in the snow, and not mention I also play Volley Ball and Tennis. I am really excited to meet with you and think we would make an excellent team!”

“My husband and I have moved to Pennsylvania and our jobs are very busy here. We both would leave around 6am and often would not come back home until 6pm or later. Although it was an early morning for her, she was never late. She was very punctual and would come exactly at 6 or 6:30am, depending on what I asked of her. That is what I really like about her; the punctuality and the fact that she never missed a day of work. In the morning she would get them ready for school and then she would come back every evening and do evening duties. She was responsible for bathing them, meals, homework, and getting them ready in the morning and at bedtime. I never felt that she thought of my children as a duty or a burden. I felt that she truly enjoyed taking care of them and it was natural for her. I even asked her to do some overnights and she was very flexible. I would highly recommend her as a Coweta County, GA Nanny. She is very reasonable, genuine, sweet, and she will even help with household work. We love her!”

“We have 4 children that are all in elementary school. The summer are busy months for our households because the children have birthday parties to attend and we like to take them to the amusement park near our house often. Our children still were attending daycare while she was with them, so she was responsible for getting their clothes together for daycare the next day and knowing which day whose water play day was and pack a bathing suit, also packing their lunch for the next day, and making sure everyone was bathed the night before. We also have pets and she and my sons helped her feed and let them out daily. She made sure when she picked them up from daycare that they either went out to the pool, a party, the amusement park, or a park before going home. We left her our van to drive our children around in and also our card for emergencies, gifts for parties and pizza if on any night they wanted some and she needed a break from preparing dinner. They had busy fulfilled days it seemed like because they were always pretty tired when it was time for us to speak to them. She even handled a medical situation very well. As a parent it is hard to trust someone with your children when you are nowhere close, but I am very glad we chose her, and if we were planning another trip she would be the first person we contact. We love her!”

“I have 3 children ages 14, 9, and 7. She is a very reputable Coweta County, GA Nanny, so I chose her to care for my children and I was very nervous because it was during the school year, my sons had football practices and games, my daughter had cheerleading practices and games and I was also going to miss their Halloween. She had to fill my shoes which I thought may be a lot, but she did amazing. My children were up and on time to and from school. They were prepared for their games and practices, even with snacks and drinks packed for them. She was very supportive of them during their games also. My daughter always had a hard time in school, but she tutors as well, so she did a great job with helping my daughter understand her homework, and how important it was to get it done. I left them costumes for Halloween, so she just had to dress them up and do their makeup and also take them trick or treating. They had an amazing time from what they told me and also from the pictures and videos. They also carved their own individual pumpkins together. She had to make sure my children were, safe, fed, loved, and happy and she did all that plus more.”

“She cared for my infant while I was working part time before returning to work full time. We worked very well together, and she took fantastic care of my infant son. He was only 7 weeks when she started and made motherhood an easy transition for me. She was always available when we needed her and is very flexible! She was attentive to our child and he had the best time playing with her. When I think of her I think that she is interactive, dependable, accommodating, and energetic! She is a fun person to have join your family. I highly recommend her.”

“She fulfilled all of my job requirements and more! This was my first child and I knew she had been working with children almost all her life, so I trusted her. As a new mom I was very scared and nervous; I was always calling to check up on him and she would send me pictures of him frequently playing and progressing as the months went by. She was great when I needed her last minute and even overnight! She had him on a great sleep schedule, so I could get some rest. She even offered to help out cleaning around the house. There is no one like her. I was always scared to clip his nails so she would do it for me and also clean his nose. She was such a great help. My son loves her; he said her name at a very young age and still says it! She is very educated, so she is heavy on the education teaching my son his ABCs, 123s and colors so we spend a lot of time focusing on that with him. She has taught me so much and I am so thankful to have had her as my nanny.”

“She was responsible for making sure that my son did his chores, ate well balanced meals and kept his focus on school and sports (He LOVES basketball.) She was very professional and connected well with my son. At one point, I was diagnosed with a concussion and she took over taking him to sporting events and helping him practice in my absence. I would recommend her to any family seeking a nanny!”

“She takes good care of my now three-year-old. I use her on Saturday evenings to babysit my granddaughter. She is reliable, pleasant, and trustworthy. While she is here she is just asked to provide basic child care needs for a three-year-old. She is very honest and communicates well with all situations. She is very patient and calm with her demeanor. My granddaughter is high strung and the presence that she brings allows them to connect well and calm my granddaughter down.”

“She has been a childcare provider for my four young children. I am a single mother with no family in the area and she has graciously assisted me in helping with them. I work long days during military duty and she has even stepped in to be an emergency contact for my children, should we need it. My children love spending time with her, because she actually does things with them and is interested in watching them grow. She is educated, respectful and dependable. In the past, I have had much difficulty finding responsible people to care for my children. It is a relief to be able to put my trust in someone like her. I highly recommend her as a caretaker.”

“She has been my best friend for 8 years. I have a younger sister who she has cared for several times and my sister loves her unconditionally. When I would come home from handling things or making a store run, my sister would tell me how much she enjoyed her coming over. She’s the sweetest most caring person I’ve ever met. I have watched how she interacts with children, making them feel comfortable and treating them like they are her own in every way.”

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