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"The amount of dedication to safety and organization that ABC Nanny Source puts in when it comes to such confidential information was what surprised me the most. I was so glad to read over multiple extensive profiles so that I could pick the best nanny and already trust her by the time she came to my home. I was fully relaxed even on the first day, because it already felt like I personally knew the nanny! That’s how descriptive their profiles are. From start to finish, the process was made simple, and I can confidently say we hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Marion is patient, kind, and has been a beloved Forsyth County Nanny for many years and for children of all ages!

“I am a loving, caring, and generous individual. The reason I have chosen to be in the Nanny profession over any other is because I believe that I could help to grow and nurture children! I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 10 years and can honestly say that I LOVE what I do! I feel children are: diamonds in the rough. If you are consistent and patient, you will be be able to remove the surface and the light of the diamond inside the child will radiate. My goal as a Forsyth County Nanny is to educate and nurture. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes laundry, sweeping, cleaning the child’s room, cleaning kitchen surfaces and loading the dishwasher. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am nurturing, caring, giving, loving(unconditionally), and patient Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include arts and crafts, reading, and interactive learning!”

“She is wonderful! She tidied up by vacuuming, dusting, and doing the dishes as well as helped with homework and transportation. She quickly became a valued family member. I knew that she cared deeply for our children and would care for them as if they were her own. She is thoughtful and conscientious, and also rolled with the punches of our chaotic schedule. She was our wonderful part-time Forsyth County Nanny for more than 2 years. She picked the children up from school, drove them to activities, supervised play dates and homework, made dinner, and tidied the house. She is a warm and honest person as well as a kind, affirming presence for children, a great cook, and completely responsible and trustworthy. I never worried about the children when she was with them.”

“She is one of the most hardworking people I know! She is committed to all with whom she works and completes the task with style and grace. She was Adventurer Director at our organization for 3 years. Our club was for children ages 4-10. She planned programs that were age appropriate and organized. She managed a staff of 5 teachers and helped parents participate in the club. She would be an asset to any home or family that she supports. She is organized and a visionary who is passionate about all that she does. Children participated in activities that included serving the community, creating thematic art and craft projects, fundraisers to support a variety of worthy causes, and showing appreciation to Adventurer parents. She was a true example of style and grace as she planned and executed programs. She put strategies in place to organize and delegate responsibilities to ensure that all aspects of each event could be managed well. She also worked with other ministry directors to support church efforts like the weekly children's story time, holiday dinners, and community outreach events. With each event, she forged forward with the goal of giving our youngest members opportunities to share their gifts and talents with others. During the six years of her leadership, the Adventurer club flourished, and families were engaged and involved more than they had been in several years. The program did require a financial contribution for uniforms and other program specific expenses. She always found a way to stretch the small budget provided to ensure that all children were able to participate in all of the activities. She would spend countless hours conversing one on one with parents to get their feedback and suggestions on ways to make the program better. She encouraged open communication from Adventurer team members and did her best to implement changes in a manner that was respectful of children first. It was an honor to work with her in this capacity. I learned many lessons that I carry with me daily in my professional work as an educator and elementary school administrator.”

“I have found her to be reliable, creative and dutiful in all her responsibilities. She is a natural leader, planner and executes all her plans with great dedication. The children are naturally drawn to her, and as a result learn a great deal from her. They accept her kind but firm discipline and grow from the support she leads them. I am positive that your Forsyth County Nanny Agency will benefit from her skill set. While she worked with my son, I noticed a positive change in his demeanor. At eight, he was already was a strong public speaker, speaking to over 200 people confidently. She is an excellent caretaker, organized, creative and intuitive.”

“She was selected to serve as the Adventurer Club Director. As such she was responsible for developing children, (ages 4-9 years old) mentally and physically. She loves children, and it was very apparent. One of the ways that she demonstrated her commitment to our children was in how she planned in advance for them. She mapped out each year in advance to help ensure that the year would facilitate smoothly. To this end, she gave each family a parent folder, which communicated expectations for the year, and all field trips. This folder even included the permissions slips for each trip and labeled envelopes for the purpose of collecting funds for each outing. In other words, she was very organized in how she structured this program. Even stronger than her organizational skills, was her love for our children. She coordinated experiential activities that were fun and very age appropriate. Our children absolutely loved her for the way she engaged them and made them feel like they were the most important people in the world. To this end she coordinated programs where our children facilitated the entire experience. Affirmation was another hallmark aspect of how she led. She also coordinated an annual awards ceremony in which each child was affirmed in their areas of strength. She served in this capacity for two years. Her passion and compassion for children is deep and wide.”

“She was very attentive to my mother and quickly learned how to handle her. She was very careful and gentle and never left her alone. Laundry always done and mother kept clean and dry. She never needed to be asked to something-always one step ahead. She was always professional neat and tidy. She was very careful with both my mother and with my things. Very trustworthy! She went out of her way to make things nice for my mom and interacted well with the rest of our family. We had many care givers over 3 years, 20 hours a day and she was head and shoulders better than all the rest put together. I could not have done this without her.”

“She cared for my elderly mother for 8 years. My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Early on in her employment, she was a marvelous and energetic companion for my mother. As my mother became increasingly disabled, she assumed more and more aspects of her personal care, handling my mother with dignity and kindness. She became a strong advocate for my mother in the institutional setting where we moved her. Our family is exceedingly grateful for her diligent service. She treated my mother with skill, friendship, dignity and respect during the steady erosion of my mother’s abilities. She became my good friend, too, always looking out for my mother and making sure she was well treated. I am certain her many wonderful qualities and broad expertise caring for others like she did my mother will make her an excellent nanny.”

“She is a great friend and a consummate professional. Her love for her work in helping people radiates in how well she does her job. She is always looking for ways to improve professionally improve herself which in turn increases the caliber of care that she gives to her patients. Although I have not seen her at work per se, we have spoken in great detail about her responsibilities and what she loves about her profession. In talking with her about this you can see and hear how much she loves being a nurse. She would make a great addition to the ABC Nanny Source family.”

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