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"The amount of dedication to safety and organization that ABC Nanny Source puts in when it comes to such confidential information was what surprised me the most. I was so glad to read over multiple extensive profiles so that I could pick the best nanny and already trust her by the time she came to my home. I was fully relaxed even on the first day, because it already felt like I personally knew the nanny! That’s how descriptive their profiles are. From start to finish, the process was made simple, and I can confidently say we hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Moreoum has made a lasting impact as a Fulton County Special Needs Nanny for families in the Atlanta area

"I take pride in my accomplishments and victories to even small successes. I have grown up to be an extremely passionate individual when it comes to working with children of all ages. I have worked with children in a special needs setting to daycare, preschool, elementary, and high schools. I am the type of individual who enjoys working out. I enjoy outdoors activities, like to paint for fun, and I am an extremely friendly, loving, energetic individual who hopes to make a difference in the world one day. The reason I have chosen to be in the Nanny profession over any other is because I feel I have years of experience in the field and am passionate about the role! I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 6 years and can honestly say that I LOVE what I do! I feel children are extremely adorable, passionate, fun, and full of imagination! My goal as a Fulton County Special Needs Nanny is to be the very best nanny I can possibly be! I feel it’s important to feel like you are a part of the family which to me means that you are doing everything right! It is crucial to me to be an asset to the family . I am willing to do housekeeping that includes dishwashing, laundry, tidying up, and prepping quick meals where I can put more focus on the children. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives, I would say that I am passionate, energetic, affectionate, considerate, and adaptable. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include coloring, reading, playtime, outdoor activities, and the children’s hobbies! If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a Fulton County Special Needs Nanny like me, I would hope they would be open to new ideas of learning, considerate, and that we can have open communication and understanding.”

“She was the classroom assistant in my kindergarten class. She watched 21 children from the ages of 5-6 years old. She was punctual, polite, and helpful. She engaged with the children and followed all suggestions and requests I and other coworkers had. She was easy to work with and the children loved her. She worked with me for a year on a full-time basis from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm each day. I found her to be dependable and responsible person. Her cheerful disposition and kind attitude made her well-liked by the children and staff! She patiently assisted children with daily tasks and learning. She helped me in preparing materials and shared feed-back about student progress and behavior.”

“I have known her for over three years. We first met during our time working together as Corps Members. We were placed on the same elementary school team. During our time together, I got to work closely with her and learned about all her great qualities as a team member. When working alone, I observed that she was very diligent with her work and always completed what was asked of her in a timely manner. When working in pairs or in a group, she collaborated with all the participants and ensured that everyone’s voice was heard. Additionally, since our primary task was to provide in and out of class support to our students, I noticed that she effectively built successful relationships with any student she encountered. Regardless of their age, she communicated with and successfully directed the students to the task at hand. She worked well both during one-on-one student meetings and in large group student events. At the end of our time working there, I recall how thankful her students were for her service. Along with teaching them the curriculum for the year, she made learning fun and in turn her students were happy and appreciative for her help. Both students and school facility recognized that she was reliable, hardworking, dedicated, and a joy to work with. Aside from this work, I know that she has abundant experience working with children. She has a passion to see children succeed and she gives all her time and effort for the improvement of those around her. I highly recommend her to this position as she has both the skills and character to succeed in this work setting.”

“I am very pleased to recommend her as an employee to your family. I was her direct manager while she was employed. She worked as a Registration Coordinator on our team where she handled phone registrations for patients, caregivers, and their guests for our patient programs and events. She was able to successfully manage an extremely high call volume, while displaying excellent customer service skills. She also exhibited compliance with HIPAA policies and regulations, as well as sensitivity toward every patient caller. She was always pleasant, positive, and courteous when dealing with our patient callers, as well as co-workers. She clearly enjoys working with a diverse group of people, which is an asset to any company. As a manager, she was a delight to have on my team. She was very flexible, and often changed her schedule at the last minute to accommodate team needs. She was a fast learner, and was able to “jump right in.” She was very hands-on and demonstrated a passion for working with people. I know she would shine in a position where she knows and feels she is making a difference.”

“As a parent, when it comes to our children, we want to ensure that only the best people are surrounding them. I can happily and confidently say that she would be the perfect choice. She is great with all ages! She can get on the floor and play with a toddler and make them squeal from laughter, create fun activities for children, and engage in conversation. We are related but she has been caring for my children for about 7 years. My one son is Autistic, and he requires special handling, but she accomplished this with ease. She is cognizant to his needs and is able to calm him down when he is upset. It is not easy even as a parent to calm down a child on the spectrum during tantrums. But she has succeeded in doing so. My other son, who is 4 years old, absolutely loves all the playtime, activities, going around to the parks, and spending time with her. If you are considering her for a Fulton County Special Needs Nanny position, you can do so with a peace of mind. She is always attentive, responsible and loves being around children! I have also noticed that children of all ages love to flock around her! I highly recommend her for the position. She has a loving nature, warm and bubbly personality and loves thinking up new ideas for the children. For example, my one son who loves marshmallows and Minions was able to make Minion Rice Krispie treats with her! She will take what a child loves and find a way to incorporate it into the day. That’s a sign of a genuine and loving person.”

“She is a smart, charming, and sweet individual. I have known her my whole life and she is that one person in the family that all the children love and adore. She is known to coordinate and host many get-togethers with friends and family and is always the perfect hostess. She is endearing, kind, and she makes sure you are well fed, entertained, and happy. Every school break, all her cousins come over for sleepovers and she is known to whip up delicious meals and coordinate family game time. All the adults in the family trust her explicitly as she is responsible and careful when children are under her care. I have seen her spend time with her little brother in helping him with his homework after school, to making sure he is bathed and has had his dinner. She is always willing to give a helping hand and is that person you can count on in time of need. I have always seen her happiest when she is surrounded by children. That is when she in her true element. Although it is great to have fun, she is also aware of when being strict is required. She tries her very best to raise children with good manners and she does that in numerous ways. She will go the extra mile and provide positive rewards/treats for children if she feels they have given their best in behaving properly. She will make a great addition to any family. I can assure you there will only be positive outcomes with her involved in your life.”

“I was her direct supervisor for an internship she completed with our research group’s hunger and homelessness campaign. She took on a significant leadership role within the campaign, coordinating the panel and benefit concert over the course of the week. She contacted and scheduled the bands in addition to securing engaging speakers for the panel. She worked on a team of several other students and displayed a great deal of leadership within the group. The event was a great success due to her persistence, determination, and organization. She learned public speaking skills through classroom announcements, tabling presentations, and fundraising for the hungry and homeless. Her passion for people was evident in her work. With her leadership, we hosted a successful hunger and homelessness awareness week, collected canned goods for the local food pantries, and raised money for the famine victims in Somalia. In addition to her experience interning, she was an active member of the campus community. She would encourage others to get involved in community service. She successfully handled the responsibility of all of these groups and excelled in each area, demonstrating her strong work ethic and her commitment to excellence. She is passionate about education and children. She also has experience as a student teacher, which will provide her with invaluable hands-on experience for this position. I highly recommend her for your family. I have no doubt that she will exceed all expectations due to her hard work ethic and her commitment to success.”

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