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ALL NYC ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints - FBI format!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid State Identification
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • National Criminal Background
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified results provided to your family prior to hire!

Are ONLINE OPTIONS through "CRIMINAL.COM" sites safe?

Question: Looking for a dignified Nanny with exceptional credentials?

ABC Nanny Source is the answer!

The following Q&A should help you consider why there is really only one place to find childcare providers that are the best of the best! We truly understand that choosing the right avenue to hire a professional Nanny for your children is absolutely a very personal decision.

Answer: ABC Nanny Source - look below for reasons why!

Hundreds Apply
Extensive Interview
Extensively Interviewed
Extensive Interview
Only the Best Accepted


Question: How important is it to you that the candidates you meet with have already been through substantial interviewing by professionally trained staff?

Online Search Site Concerns: The amount of individuals that are available through these means is quite staggering! Many of these online resume sites allow individuals to submit to their database without any filtering at all. By using an online resume search, your family will end up sorting through hundreds of unqualified applicants, most likely ones that ABC has already rejected! From these sites, you just cannot get a full idea of a candidate’s true background, professionalism, or even personality! Applicants can write anything they want on their own behalf, which does not guarantee honesty or even how serious they may be about the proposed career as a Nanny.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC has a very skilled staff that can confidently evaluate each candidate based on their level of applicable skills while also accessing their ability to navigate the changing needs of both families and children. A person’s over all readiness in a professional setting can also determine many other factors relating to their character and personality. Our Placement Counselors take everything into account, from seemingly small mannerisms like a handshake and smile, to their ability to articulate their past experiences clearly all while upholding a sense of integrity, composure and of course sincere interest in childcare! Reliability, honesty, friendliness, and hardworking are all character traits that ABC Nanny Source finds highly valuable. All of these characteristics are considered to be important for a successful and extraordinary caregiver, and our staff is determined to sift through to find individuals that exceed those expectations! Our acceptance rate of applicants is a low 10%, which in itself proves how selective and serious we truly are!

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NO Shoplifting
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NO Public Drunkenness
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NO Asssault/

FULLY Comprehensive Criminal Background Investigations

Question: Is it vitally important that the candidates you consider for employment with your family have all cleared background checks and have been investigated thoroughly before coming into your family's home?

Online Search Site Concerns: Online resumes searches may yield thousands of results from their databases, but the problem is that not all of these submissions are current or up to date. If an individual had not committed a crime at the time of entering their resume, but has since been incarcerated or convicted, you would have no way of knowing! You would have to rely on the honesty of the proposed candidate, which is often very undependable.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We are very proud of our 10 Step Screening Process and can confidently proclaim that its effectiveness and reliability is unmatched in the industry. Our process exceeds others’ not just locally, but nationwide as well! Each Nanny that we represent has been investigated completely and cleared of all illegal convictions. ABC Nanny Source obtains electronic fingerprints that are considered suitable by the FBI, in addition to performing National Background Checks. By utilizing ABC Nanny Source in your search for a qualified and remarkable in-home childcare provider, you will confidently ensure the safety of your family.

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NO Driving Under the Influence
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Averting Disaster



Question: Is having a clean driving record an important factor when considering candidates to provide childcare for your family?

Online Search Site Concerns: This vital information is not even considered on most of these online databases. If left to the applicant’s discretion, most individuals would not even divulge to you any past violations or accidents.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: The history of each applicant’s driving motor vehicle report is obtained prior to representation. Families will only meet with applicants that have fully disclosed all past driving violations, if any at all. This information is not generally available to the public, even though it can disclose very relevant provisions about an individual’s level of responsibility. These reports account for any moving violations and suspensions that a candidate may have been subjected to. Most notably, these driving records will disclose any driving under the influence related offenses, driving while using a mobile device, reckless driving disobediences, or any other transgressions and will be made known to you in advance of meeting with proposed candidates.

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NO Substance Abuse
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Question: Drug use is clearly dangerous and reckless, how important is it to you that you know with confidence that any Nanny you meet with is clear of all illegal drug use?

Online Search Site Concerns: The general public does not have access to obtaining this sort of data, and is surely not performed by online resumes sites. Understandably, this may not be your first concern, or may not have even crossed your mind when dealing with possible childcare providers. Sadly, it is definitely an underlying factor that some parents may take for granted or overlook.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Quest Diagnostics is a notable and respected drug screening company that ABC has always utilized for drug testing each applicant before they are fully accepted. This report will disclose any trace of cocaine, opiates, marijuana, PCP’s, and amphetamines. We completely understand the implications that go hand in hand with illegal drug use and take this screening very seriously. Being a healthy and responsible professional is essential to any individual that will be providing care for children, especially in a family’s home. Deciding on a Nanny is personally selecting a role model for your children who will represent all of the qualities you and your family consider invaluable.

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FBI Submissible Prints
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Electronic Fingerprinting

Question: Is it important to you that your family has verifiable and FBI applicable fingerprints for further confidence in the candidate you choose?

Online Search Site Concerns: There is just no possible way for an online site to execute this seemingly insignificant procedure. Candidates must have their fingerprints physically and professionally scanned onsite and in person, and this is just not an option for a company run entirely through a website.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Our offices and recruiting locations are fully equipped with the proper tools and resources in order to obtain each candidate’s electronic fingerprints which are subsequently kept on file and provided to each family when considering any of our highly qualified applicants. Every Nanny we interview is required to provide proper and valid identification prior to submitting to the actual fingerprinting process.

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Verification Group
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Question: Is it important to your family that you have verifiable proof of prior experience in childcare for each candidate you meet with?

Online Search Site Concerns: Resumes are a convenient and crucial part of the hiring process in any industry, especially when considering a qualified applicant. However, the ease at which any person could embellish or exaggerate said skill or practice is startling and found all too often in the job market. Falsifying information and questionable practices on resumes occur all too often and it is certainly not something you would want to deal with in searching for a childcare provider!

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We have an entire department dedicated to verifying and fact checking solely for the purpose of weeding out inaccurate details. A main requirement of ABC Nanny Source is that each individual must be able to provide a minimum of three childcare related references in addition to two character references. These written recommendations on behalf of the applicant provide our families with a clear sense of who they are actually meeting with and what to expect from an outside perspective. Since the ABC Verification Team is able to personally verify each person submitting a reference directly, we can prove that our Nannies are both trustworthy and accountable. In short, experience is obviously a huge consideration and the ability to verify a person’s past working interactions is of the utmost value, especially with childcare!

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Question: How significant is it to you to have valid and current identification for the candidates you are considering and are legally authorized to work in the United States?

Online Search Site Concerns: There is just no way to verify identity theft online and there isn’t any protection in place to authenticate that the candidate you are corresponding with is actually who they say they are. This could allow for the possibility of an imposter to gain confidential and personal details about you and your family that you would otherwise never share with a stranger. Additionally, that person may be falsifying who they are to hide a possible criminal history.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Our agency makes it clear that all candidates must provide proper photo identification as well as confirmation that they are able to legally obtain employment within the United States. As an additional degree of security, ABC administers a Social Security Verification Trace on each contender while also verifying the identification with state officials. Absolutely every possible action is taken to be completely assured that the Nanny you are taking into consideration for employment is both safe and legal.

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Question: Is it central to your family’s safety that the nanny you hire has been professionally taught to administer CPR in the event of a life threatening situation?

Online Search Site Concerns: Anyone may boast that they are CPR or First Aid certified, yet all too often these claims are frequently either incomplete or out of date. This can certainly add unneeded stress and strain to your search for a professional nanny.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Our staff verifies that each Nanny that ABC Nanny Source represents has current and up-to-date training in CPR. This is essential for being fully equipped for any unforeseen situations and is fundamentally essential to ensuring a safe setting for your children.

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Question: Is it necessary for the Nanny you hire to be committed to your family for an extended period of time?

Online Search Site Concerns: Sometimes, someone who is not a professional career Nanny may consider becoming a one for a short time in between the vocation they are genuinely interested in. This could end up placing you in a situation where you have wasted your efforts to prepare them for the role as a Nanny for your family, only to find out that they had previous objectives or personal goals which require them to leave the area within the forthcoming months.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Our agency requires that every candidate accepted signs a one year commitment pledge which states that they are in fact seeking a position for at least one full year. We do not accept any candidates who are in the interim of stable work or goals. Every approved and accepted Nanny fully acknowledges that they will be able to make a long term commitment of employment to your family. ABC Nanny Source recognizes that permanence and stability is extremely important to families and we take this pledge very seriously.

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Question: Is it critical to your family that you have a source to go to for answers when questions arise? Will it be beneficial to have your own personal consultant for pay increases and performance reviews?

Concern with Online Searches: There is no one to speak with at all and the fee paid covers you to peruse the massive thousands of people who live in your area at best without the option to have any professional and personalized advice customized to your needs.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source takes a very consultative approach. We are with you every step of the way even though the process is oftentimes very efficient. ABC follows up with each family to ensure that the nanny hired is doing well and meeting all expectations. This has proven to be of great value to working professional parents. ABC is so confident in each placement and offers each client a full one year guarantee as a protection if a need for another nanny arises for any reason.


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