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ABC Nannies in Florida have:

  • An Outstanding Heart for Children!
  • Authorization to Take Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification for Children and Nannies
  • Passed a 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Been Subject to Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Passed an Identity Verification Analysis
  • Childcare Experience with Verifiable References
  • Signed ABC's One Year Commitment Pledge
  • An Understanding of ABC's Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Why Choose ABC as your Florida Nanny Agency?

Trust and Experience
ABC Nanny Source has a reputation of being trustworthy and dependable in the Childcare industry. Due to our due diligence in the screening process, we pride ourselves on delivering Nanny’s that are exceptional in their field. Operating as a family-owned agency, allows us to take a personal approach, to ensure that every family’s needs are met and exceeded.

Due to industry standard minimums, it is easy to be disappointed throughout your search for a Nanny. ABC Nanny Source goes far beyond the minimum thanks in large part to our 10 Step Screening Process that is only passed by the most qualified of candidates. Our placement counselors do the work and present you with all of your options, allowing you to make the fit that best suits you and your family.

The Perfect ABC Candidate, Guaranteed!
Every family presents us with their needs and desires and we immediately go to work to make sure those needs are met with whomever you choose to employ. You do not have to read resumes, do background checks, or trust people with a lack of references. Every nanny that we present to you is eager to start working for you and is readily available should you choose to employ them with the privilege of providing care for your family. Most families are presented with between three and five options before making their final decision.

The best part of working with ABC Nanny Source, that we continue to make ourselves available to you after the initial hiring process. Should a need arise, and you need assistance, you have complete access to us! We not only offer exceptional service of finding a nanny up front but continue to be of value to you after the process has been completed!

Personalized Attention
ABC Placement Counselors are just as dedicated to your mission of finding a nanny as you are. They are supportive, encouraging, and ready to learn about your family to ensure you are given options that will best suit your family. Your nanny will be ready to adhere to the needs of your family and plan her day around the needs that are most important to you!




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