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ABC Nannies in Florida have:

  • An Outstanding Heart for Children!
  • Authorization to Take Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification for Children and Nannies
  • Passed a 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Been Subject to Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Passed an Identity Verification Analysis
  • Childcare Experience with Verifiable References
  • Signed ABC's One Year Commitment Pledge
  • An Understanding of ABC's Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Do all nanny agencies in Florida function the same way?

Absolutely not. Agencies in Florida all tend to function differently and it’s very important that you are aware of what you are getting when you attempt to work with a Florida nanny agency. Agencies should be prepared to give you options that are comfortable and functional for your family and agency fees that start low, could end up costing you much more than anticipated. The following is a list of questions that ABC Nanny Source has established to help you in the comparison and selection process.

Are all identities confirmed prior to being represented by the agency?

Unfortunately, most Florida nanny agencies do not thoroughly confirm the identity of the nannies that they represent. Therefore, most times, families are completely unaware of the person who is actually being referred to care after their children.

ABC Nanny Source has a strict identity verification program that is required before being represented by our agency. As a part of our 10 Step Screening Process, we verify all identification, specifically by verifying government and state issued id’s. This allows us to be completely and totally confident when sending someone to your home.

Our Nannies are legal!
Are we certain any nannies that are hired are legally able to work in the US?

It would be absolutely crazy to go through the process of finding someone to care for your kids, only to find out they were not legally eligible to do so. Candidate’s ability to work should always be 100% verified before anyone is introduced into your home.

Before sending anyone into your home, ABC Nanny Source confirms legality and citizenship of all of our nannies, including eligibility to work within the United States.

Do you perform clearance checks? If so, are they before your after they’re hired?

Our Nannies go through a 10 step screening processIt’s shocking to know that many agencies do not require any kind of screening before the hiring has happened.

ABC Nanny Source prides ourselves on the fact that each candidate is represented after they have gone through an extensive screening process BEFORE any attempt to hire is done. All information in the screening process is relayed to you, as well, so you can make the absolute best decision for your family.

Does your agency have any kind of guarantee?

Agencies very rarely offer any kind of guarantee when it comes to the process of hiring a nanny. The ones that do tend to be short-lived or lack any kind of substantiality, which will fail you when the time comes.

We at ABC Nanny Source are so proud to extend a One-Year Guarantee once you are registered with our service. We do this to ensure that you feel taken care of in this process and so you know you are supported 100%. Most of the nannies that are hired through our service stay on with families for much longer than a year, but we want to offer you comfort with your decision. If anything happens within the year, or you decide you are unhappy with your nanny and want to explore a different route, it will only accrue a $324 charge to initiate a new search. That fee, however, is waived for 30 days following a hiring fee payment or another administrative fee! Your initial placement counselor will more than likely take on the task of finding you a new nanny, since she is familiar with your family and your requirements!

Does your nanny agency require any life saving skills?Does ABC Nanny Source require CPR certification before a nanny is placed with a family?

While we hope that your environment is issue free, we do not that emergencies can come up and we want our nannies to be prepared to react in the case of one. Most nanny agencies do not require any CPR certification or any certifications that can assure they are ready to assist in an emergency manner.

We want you to feel safe and secure if an emergency were ever to occur in your home. Because of this, ABC Nanny Source has a CPR certification requirement before any nanny is ever represented by our agency.


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