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ABC Nannies in Florida have:

  • An Outstanding Heart for Children!
  • Authorization to Take Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification for Children and Nannies
  • Passed a 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Been Subject to Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Passed an Identity Verification Analysis
  • Childcare Experience with Verifiable References
  • Signed ABC's One Year Commitment Pledge
  • An Understanding of ABC's Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Daycare Versus Nannies in Florida

Daycares and After School Care programs can be beneficial in multiple ways, including socialization, but for the most part, these benefits do not compare with those stemming from an in-home nanny. We've listed a few examples below to show just how positive an impact a Florida Nanny could have on the lives of you and your family!

Sibling Interaction

Nanny: Nannies that stay home with your children, allow your children to grow close in relationship even if they aren’t necessarily close in age. Sibling interaction ensures that they will have a strong relationship and they are connected forever.

Daycare: Most daycares require children to be separated by age, therefore, splitting up your children. Because of this, their relationship with each other could suffer.

Indoor Activities

Many parents have requests for activities that they’d like their children to partake in. Whether this be learning how to cook, arts & crafts, musical talents, or anything like that, you get the ability to request those activities and the nanny gets the privilege of making those things happen. You can specify these in registration, so we make sure you get a nanny experienced and ready to help your child grow and develop.

Daycare: Most of the time, daycares function on a system much like a school. Due to the volume of children, it is hard for a child to receive one on one attention and hard to specify the kinds of things you’d prefer for your child to learn. Teachers are insanely qualified individual and do the absolute best they can, but it is definitely a challenge to individually give a student ample amounts of attention simply because there are too many children and not enough teachers. This can be solved when you include a personalized nanny into your family dynamic.


Depending on the nanny you choose to hire, your home will either be the place they arrive daily, or the place they arise. Either way, your nanny will spend most of her time in your home. This allows you to stay on specific schedules and save time packing up any necessities your child may need throughout the day. It is easy and efficient to have a nanny work out of your home for you and that is definitely a large perk!

Daycare: It can be incredibly difficult to plan your daily schedule and the last thing you want to worry about is the hours at the daycare so you can drop off and pick up in a timely manner. On top of that, packing a bag for the day and getting your children ready are tasks that you spend ample time doing. This adds stress and anxiety to the top of an already very busy schedule.

Individualized Attention

One on one attention allows your child to grow and develop in the manner that best suits them, and your nanny is dedicated to providing an environment that works with that. Any interests or desires you or your child want can be established into his daily routine and your nanny will assure that that happens! All goals or activities that are a priority to you are also a priority to her.

Daycare: Again, too many children make this incredibly difficult. Daycare teachers, while qualified, are simply unable to provide attention to individuals as there are just too many children in the environment.

Phone Conversations with Children

The ability to talk to your child at any point in time is one of the highlights of having a nanny care for your child. Majority of parents like the comfort and knowledge of checking in with their children and knowing they are being cared for appropriately. This allows mom and dad to know how their day is going and what they have accomplished, and it also brings joy and excitement to the children. When they know that the most important person in their life is calling to check on them, it brings comfort and stability to them and without a doubt, make their day. Just like it makes yours!

Daycare: Due to the large number of children that daycares accommodate, individual conversations with parents are rarely able to occur. It is a distraction for the other kids and allows for a distribution in flow of schedule and structure. While those things are necessary, it does prohibit your access to your child throughout the day.

Outdoor Play

Nanny: The outdoors are an exciting place and children should be given the opportunity to explore and discover it! When a child wants to play sports or hop on a swing, a nanny allows for those kinds of things to happen. They have the flexibility of transporting the kids to and from these kinds of activities, never taking you away from your functions or work!

Daycare: While outdoor play areas are usually available at your local daycare, time is limited, and children do not have the freedom to voice their desire to go back outside. It is also hard to trust that your child is being looked after thoroughly when there are many kids out there at one time. Because of this it is easy for your child to be injured or hurt during the designated play time.


Nanny: Children being sick is heart wrenching and it is imperative that comfort be at the forefront of any nanny’s mind so that recovery can happen quickly and efficiently. Having a nanny in your home allows your child to rest and recover within a space they are comfortable in, as well as attention that is directly solely at them. Any nanny hired through ABC Nanny Source will be prepared to help your child recover swiftly and comfortably. They can assist in cooking soup or comfort food, making sure the child has plenty of blankets or pillows, medications, and anything else you’d prefer your child to have in order to swiftly arrive at wellness. Having a nanny at home also allows frequent updates to be given to you, so you can focus on any task you need to perform.

Daycare: Due to the large number of children that stay at daycares throughout the week, sicknesses are frequent and often transferred from one child to another. Lack of sanitization as well as low buildup of child immune systems, can affect your child quickly. Unfortunately, when this happens, you are required to take your child out of daycare, causing an interruption in your daily duties.

Homework Assistance

Nannies that are represented by ABC Nanny Source are prepared and ready to help your child develop in every way, including in school. Nannies are prepared to help with any and all school and classroom activities which allows you the freedom of just being the parent.
Nannies can assist in the studying for tests, homework help, or simple organization of school related items. This can include field trip notifications, report cards, or anything else from the school that you could possibly know!

Daycare: Most school programs that are after school are merely glorified services that watch your children until you can arrange pickup. These programs, while socially excellent, defer your children from the important tasks of finishing their schoolwork. Most parents don’t desire to sit and do homework after a long workday and your kids are exhausted from playing. These circumstances don’t allow your child to excel in school activities!


One of the best parts of a family vacation is the ability to get away, relax, and recharge. But so many times, you do not get the privilege of doing that because you are caring for your kids. Many times, families will bring their nannies along for this process so you can enjoy the parts of your vacation that you should! You can relax, get a massage, or go out to a nice dinner and not have to worry about rushing back to your children as they are in the hands of the nanny that you trust and rely on every day.

Daycare: The idea of vacations is completely absent in the minds of daycare facilities and therefore childcare becomes your issue. You are, more than likely, paying for a day that you are not using, and you have to find other avenues for your children throughout the vacation period. Often time, sacrificing your own relaxation to do so.

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