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Nanny Employment

ABC Nannies in Florida have:

  • An Outstanding Heart for Children!
  • Authorization to Take Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification for Children and Nannies
  • Passed a 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Been Subject to Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Passed an Identity Verification Analysis
  • Childcare Experience with Verifiable References
  • Signed ABC's One Year Commitment Pledge
  • An Understanding of ABC's Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Testimonials from Placed Florida Nannies:

Meghan: “As I began my search for a nanny job, a coworker of mine mentioned ABC Nanny Source, and a quick google search showed me that a lot of other people seemed to mimic my coworkers overwhelmingly positive attitude toward the company! That being said, once I read through the site, I was a little nervous stepping into it. I needed a new job as soon as possible, and the screening process at ABC, while detailed and seemingly effective, just looked like it would take far too long to undergo. Because I was told how I HAD to check it out, though, I went ahead and gave the company a call. The woman who answered the phone was so genuine, sweet, and professional, so the vibes were for sure there, and when I asked her about the screening process and how long it would take before I got a job, she gave me a very detailed answer about why we screen nannies the way we do and assured me that the process could take as little as a week, and that my profile would begin being sent to families immediately after. And so it was! I was so surprised and excited when I was interviewing for positions right away! I found home where I can happily care for two little girls and the whole process reallywas so much quicker and easier than it seems.”

Gina: “Whenever I’m asked about ABC Nanny Source, I can’t help but gush! I have worked with the company twice, both times with the same placement counselor who just absolutely went above and beyond what was necessary or standard to make sure I knew what was happening on their end and to find me a position that I deserved. They specifically used my qualifications as a basis when searching for jobs for me, which ended up just being so perfect, because the families I’ve had the privilege of being matched up with have both felt like the rock to my missing piece. There’s a reason this agency is so highly reputed!”

Emmalee: “ABC Nanny Source managed to make something that had previously been quite complicated in my eyes—my search for a nanny position—entirely simple. They were so communicative! To the point where I knew not only where I was in the process, but what the next step was as well. The agency, and my placement counselor, were the ones who really did all the heavy lifting! They scheduled the interviews and were the front line when discussing salaries and benefits with the families. ABC Nanny Source deserves all the praise; they really made this process not only simple, but enjoyable!”

Jessie: “It’s been around 15 years now that I’ve been a nanny in Florida. In that time, I have experienced the services of several different nanny agencies, and every time I seem to be disappointed by their commitmentand service. It wasn’t uncommon that I would hang up after a phone call feeling like I had been nothing but a burden or an inconvenience to the company. I was on the verge of giving up on agencies altogetherwhen I decided to call ABC Nanny Source. I was desperately in need of a job at this point and really just needed someone to listen to me, to care enough to view my livelihood as a priority. It was quite the pleasant surprise when an actual person picked up the phone, rather than an answering machine, and that was only the beginning! The scheduling coordinator I was assigned to was personable and understanding and walkedme through the entire process of becoming an ABC Nanny in just that first call! I was feeling hopeful already andwent online to complete the online application. Within literally less than 24 hours, they had already processed my application and we were off tothe races in terms of finishing out the screening process and interviewing for families! I tell people allthe time just how wonderful ABC Nanny Source is about providing individual attention to their nannies!”

Amelia: “I am currently employed as a full-time nanny for three adorable children! My previous family meant the world to me and I wasso sad to leave them once they had all grown up. It made it particularly difficult to begin the search for a new family who, I was sure, could be nowhere near as perfect a fit as the old one. That being said, I still needed a job and figured I had to start somewhere. It had been a long time since I had been in the market for a new family to nanny, so I started with a google search to find an agency that could help me pinpoint thefamily near me thatwas most in need of a caring and dependable nanny. ABC Nanny Source stuck out as absolutely one of the most trusted agencies in Florida, so I went ahead and gave them a call. It was pretty much instant that I felt any anxiety about finding a good family for me melt away—the woman who answered the phone was just that genuine and kind! I could tell from the start that they care about making both family and nanny happy, and that they valued and respected my qualifications and experience. After a swift and painless process, I was able to interview for the family I work with now. The staff at ABC really honed in on who I was and let that guide them when deciding which positions to suggest to me. I would 100% recommend ABC Nanny Source to anyone!”

Corinne: “As a career nanny, I have had some terrible experiences with other nanny agencies. There are times my phone calls would go completely ignored, or they would put me off for weeks on end. Basically, I’ve seen the worst of nanny agencies, and I can whole-heartedly say that ABC Nanny Source is absolutely nothing like those other agencies! Everyone I had the pleasure of working with seemed to really care about me in a professional way, to the point where it felt like I was the only nanny they were working with at the time. After experiencing service like this, it really makes me wonder why every other agency had to be so horrible. I so appreciate everything ABC Nanny Source has done! You’ve honestly restored my hope in the industry.”


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