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"Working with ABC Nanny Source gave felt like working with a trusted friend. They really had our best interests at heard when finding a nanny for us! They made sure that all our information, as well as that of the nannies, was treated with the confidentiality and importance it deserves. There was such an abundance of information throughout the process, as well, that the comprehensive profiles we recieved made it feel as if we already knew the nannies we were considering! The process was so swift, we were able to decide on a nanny in a matter of days! Such a wonderful experience."

Brenny is a remarkable Miami-Dade County Live In Nanny who excels as a sweet and responsible career caregiver!

“I have excellent decision making and organizational skills. I cared for children in the past for my friends and others, which made me want to become a nanny as I think children are the future. The reason I have chosen to be in the Nanny profession over any other is because I love to help educate children and act as a good role model so they grow to be kind and successful in the future! I have been serving in some form of childcare for several years and can honestly say I love what I do! I feel children are a reflection of their education and care. My goal as a Miami-Dade County Live In Nanny is to help them grow as individuals. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes organizing and tidying up the children’s bedroom and activity areas. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives, I would say I am honest, hard working, friendly, fun, and sincere. Activities that I would like to incorporate into the daily plan for the family I care for would include going to the park, playing games outside, reading stories, and going to outside activities like the library or museum. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a Nanny like me, I would hope they would be friendly.”

“She was excellent with all the children even when they were sick. She was great with potty training and she’s very good with all ages. She’s SO sweet with each of them and is the type that gets down on the floor one on one to engage with them. She is very warm and we all love her.”

“She is very hard working. When my 5-year-old grandson was sleeping, she started tidying up, sweeping and dusting. My daughter was very happy with her job. She is understanding and conscientious, and well as energetic! She was always willing to play with him and she was dedicated to making sure he was also safe. I would highly recommend her for employment as a Miami-Dade County Live In Nanny. She would be an asset to any organization.”

“She took care of my son as a Miami-Dade County Live In Nanny in 2016. However, I have known her since we went to high school together. She has been a great friend and I trust her to take my son to school, and to his daily activities such as soccer. She mentors and teaches my son Spanish. She is always available to take care of my son in case of emergencies and I can rely on her to provide a fun and secure environment for him. She is responsible and able to complete tasks in a timely manner. She has always been respectful, honest and humble. She loves caring for children, and does a wonderful job! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.”

“She provides quality care when watching children. She comes from a very good family with good values. I highly recommend her to you! She is very organized, always smiling, and she is patient with children. She communicates well, is a good person, and a nice friend. I can only say good things about her! She is professional both during and outside of working!”

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