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ABC Nannies in Florida have:

  • An Outstanding Heart for Children!
  • Authorization to Take Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification for Children and Nannies
  • Passed a 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Been Subject to Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Passed an Identity Verification Analysis
  • Childcare Experience with Verifiable References
  • Signed ABC's One Year Commitment Pledge
  • An Understanding of ABC's Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


The best of the best thrive with ABC Nanny Source!

ABC Nanny Source provides families with the most qualified nannies the local community has to offer! We make sure our families are satisfied by making sure they are matched with the ideal candidate. If you have interest in working with us as a career nanny, apply now.

ABC Nanny Source has a thorough and in-depth 10 step screening process that all nannies are required to go through. This includes an identity verification, motor vehicle report, previous experience verification, references, and a national background check! This gives our family confidence in the nannies that they are offered and allow our nannies the most perfect and sought-after opportunities. If you think this is a position that you are perfect for, please fill out an application immediately and a scheduling coordinator will be happy to contact you!

Ocala Nanny Position:

Full Time: Monday(8:00am-8:00pm) and Tuesday through Friday (7:00am-6:00pm)
Children: 6 years old, 4 years old, and 14 months old
Salary Offering: $850-$1000/week, Based on Experience
Note: Older children are in school
Children's Activities: They love playing in the park, train sets, coloring, and other arts and crafts
Position Description: Nanny will be responsible for taking older kids to school in the morning and picking them up when necessary. Care for baby will be primary duty durning day, but nanny must ensure children exercise, are fed, and have homework done in evening.


"Our family is in search of a nanny who is sensible, joyful, understanding, responsible, and has integrity. We would prefer a nanny who can stay with us long term, at least until our youngest has begun preschool. We'd love for her to be able to provide homework help and eventually lead the kids in a psuedo-summer school once school lets out


Bradenton Nanny Position:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (6:00am-5:00pm)
Children: 2 year old, baby on the way
Salary Offering: $900-1,000/week, Based on Experience
Note: Mom is expecting
Children's Activities: Visiting the library, the dog park, the creek on our property. Playing dress up. She loves "helping" in the kitchen
Position Description: Care for children, play with toddler, prepare meals, transportation as necessary,


"We would like a nanny who is experienced with young children and infants and who would love our children as much as we do. Our nanny would preferably be full of energy, heart, dedication, and patience."


Boca Raton Nanny Position:

Part Time: Monday through Wednesday (7:30am-6:00am)
Children: 8 years old and 9 months old
Salary Offering: $18-$25/hour, Based on Experience
Note: Family has one small dog
Children's Activities: Older child does softball and ballet. Both children enjoy reading or being read to.
Position Description: Prepare meals, transport older child to and from school and activitlies, maintain feeding/napping schedule with the baby, light housework


"We would love a nanny who knows what she's doing, with lots of experience with and understanding of early childhood development, as well as someone who is witty enjoys holding conversations with our gifted 8 year old."


Naples Nanny Position:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (7:00am-5:30pm)
Children: 4 and 3 year olds
Salary Offering: $750-$950/week, based on experience
Note: Family has 2 cats
Children's Activities: Dance parties, chalk drawing, doll house play. The older child does karate on Wednesday and Friday
Position Description: Get children ready for preschool, pack their lunch, and transport them to and from. Running errands, housecleaning, and meal prep.


"A nanny who is full of energy and willing and ready to be a part of our little family would be perfect for us. We would love someone younger who can get down and play with the little ones, but who is still responsible and experienced enough."


Tallahassee Nanny Position:

Full Time:

Children: 3 years old and 8 months old
Salary Offering: $800-$1,000+ per week, plus room and board
Note: Spanish-speaking is prefered!
Children's Activities: The oldest will begin Gymnastics soon. Also loves coloring, stuffed animals, and bugging their younger sibling
Position Description: Keep children stimulated, prepare meals for them, transport them to and from activities, maintain tidy household


"We would love our nanny to fit seemlessly in with our family. We want a kind and gentle nanny who can maintain positive environment for the kiddos, in which they will be consistently learning."



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