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"Working with ABC Nanny Source gave felt like working with a trusted friend. They really had our best interests at heard when finding a nanny for us! They made sure that all our information, as well as that of the nannies, was treated with the confidentiality and importance it deserves. There was such an abundance of information throughout the process, as well, that the comprehensive profiles we recieved made it feel as if we already knew the nannies we were considering! The process was so swift, we were able to decide on a nanny in a matter of days! Such a wonderful experience."

As a Personal Assistant in Manatee County, Mirna knows how to even out the hectic lives of families!

“I love working with children. This is my passion! I have worked in schools with elementary school and middle schoo children and am the mother of two fully grown children myself. Now that my children are grown, I want to spend my time dedicated to a family to care for their children. I have worked with many families who love me! The reason I have chosen to be in the Nanny profession over any other is because I love working with the children! I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 27 years! I feel children are my priority in the world. My goal as a Nanny and Personal Assistant in Manatee County is to be a patient, understanding, and lovely person. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes picking up toys, cleaning when they make a mess, and laundry.”

“She always fulfilled our job requirements as a Personal Assistant in Manatee County! She always came early and was prepared to be flexible and stay late. She is kind and thoughtful and willing to give 100%. We feel our children are safe in her care. She interacted with them well and was very dependable with household tasks as well. She assisted us with laundry, meal prep, and was responsible and organized with our children and home! She is phenomenal and I do recommend her. My wife is a doctor at the White House, so you can imagine that she has high standards! She has blown her away.”

“She worked for us as our nanny full time for over 2 years and has taken wonderful care of our two children. I have to admit, it was so hard to let her go when I made the decision to stay home with my children! They absolutely adore her and have formed a terrific bond with her, as we all have. She is so full of life and love that you cannot help but love her back! Professionally, she has been an incredible help and support before and after having my youngest child: giving them meals, taking my older son to preschool, helping make sure the children’s toys are put away at the end of the day, and doing their laundry. Personally, she has a wonderful way of working with the children to maintain loving discipline and they really respond so well to her. She takes them to reading hour and to the park to help keep them stimulated. What I think I love the most is to see my children so happy and to hear them sing with her as she sings to them in Spanish and then belly laugh as she plays with them. Just like I do, she kisses their "owies" and tells them she loves them. What more can you want in a nanny? Sometimes, God just sends you an angel. My husband often refers to her as the Latin Mary Poppins and she has made quite an impression on our family. I am so excited now to be able to spend real time with the children, and while I was working, we have been so blessed to have her in our home. For us, she has truly become a member of our family, and while we will all miss seeing her every day, we know that she and her family will always be a part of our lives. As you can tell, she is close to our heart, and this is the highest recommendation that I can give.”

“I have known her for thirteen years. She worked as a Parent Liaison at the middle school where I was employed as a school counselor. Her position required her to work with me as interpreter during parent conferences and student counseling sessions (if needed) and to provide parents and students with the appropriate resources and staff within our school and community. She proved to be a responsible, dedicated advocate to many families who needed her support as a Spanish interpreter and a trustworthy staff member when they were new to the United States and our school system. When called upon without prior notice, she would readily adjust her schedule to make time for whatever the need might be. During each school year she was instrumental in the planning and implementation of our ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) Parent Night and Back to School Program. She worked tirelessly to provide an open, warm and inviting atmosphere for our families and students, whatever the event or regular school day activity. Whatever her task may be, she presents with a big smile and a positive outlook. She was a dear and trusted friend to the students, their families and the staff at our school. She demonstrates a caring, kind attitude toward children and has an ability to connect with young people with a sense of humor, yet an understanding of their developmental needs and behavior. She was a valued asset to the school staff and I am confident she would prove to be a trusted, caring childcare provider. Therefore, without reservation, I would recommend her for employment as a Personal Assistant in Manatee Countywhere she can provide the skills and personal attributes needed to care for children of any age.”

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