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ALL GA ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics drug testing
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Are ONLINE OPTIONS through sites like "CRIMINAL.COM" safe?

Question: Where can you find a rock star nanny with stellar credentials?

Answer: There is only ONE answer! ABC Nanny Source - We know how intense of a decision it can be for your family to hire a professional nanny. To help you identify what is most important for your family when choosing a caregiver, please explore some common questions—listed below!

Hundreds Apply
Extensive Interview
Only the Best Accepted


Question: How much importance does your family place on the identities of the candidates you are considering employing in your home being professionally verified?

Concern with Online Searches:An online search will be laborious and time consuming. You will have to sort and filter through hundreds of candidates, most of whom will not be qualified. Some may have already been rejected by ABC Nanny Source! And if you do find a candidate who looks appropriate on paper, you cannot be completely sure that they are being honest and transparent about their personal or work history. If the nanny provides misinformation, all the background checks in the world will only give you the results they want you to see, not necessarily truthful and accurate results. You want to be absolutely sure that the candidate is who they claim to be before you allow them access to your personal information and your family’s life.

ABC Nanny Source Solution:Every applicant that comes to ABC Nanny Source for representation must submit to a thorough identity investigation. We utilize a state regulated third party service to verify the applicant’s identity. They begin with the candidate’s government issued identification to establish initial identity. This verification process then includes multiple facets of the applicant’s identity to confirm that even the smallest identity details are accurate and truly belong to that precise applicant.

Some agencies say that this is an unnecessary level of confirmation, but we believe your family can never be too safe! In a world filled with identity fraud, we go the extra mile to protect you and your loved ones from possible identity theft.

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NO Shoplifting
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NO Public Drunkenness

Comprehensive Criminal Background Clearances

Question: How much confidence do you have that your potential candidates have cleared all investigations before you invite them into your home?

Concern with Online Searches: Online resume searches are unreliable. They may provide you with hundreds of potential nannies, but how trustworthy are their background checks? Simple background checks are often missing information or are dangerously outdated.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We are very confident in our extensive 10 Step Screening process; it is unparalleled in the industry. Without a doubt, our screening far far exceeds other agencies, not just locally, but accross the nation. Each Nanny that is represented by ABC has been fully investigated for safety and cleared of all illegalities. Nationwide Background investigations are completed on every candidate we accept prior to being presented to you. Safety is a sure bet when utilizing ABC Nanny Source as your agency while hiring a qualified in home childcare provider. You will have complete assurance with the information obtained by the agency, allowing you to hire with confidence and ease!

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NO Driving Under the Influence
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Averting Disaster



Question: How can you know that each candidate being considered by your family has a safe driving motor vehicle record?

Concern with Online Searches: Applicants who have motor vehicle offenses (i.e. driving under the influence or reckless driving) will probably not be forthcoming when questioned about their driving record. This makes an online resume very unreliable, because the candidate reveals only what they want you to see. A DUI is not going to inspire confidence, so a nanny may not disclose that information.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source obtains the motor vehicle history report of each applicant as part of the vetting process, before they are ever introduced to a family. This information is not available under a public search and may not show up on a background check. These reports contain all applicable moving violations the nanny candidate may have received and may shed light on the reliability of a candidate. Additionally, any serious offenses will disqualify a nanny completely from agency representation. All applicable information will be disclosed prior to your hiring decision.

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NO Substance Abuse
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Question: Can you trust that the nannies you are reviewing are clear of any any illegal substances?

Concern with Online Searches: While we would like to believe that no one using illegal substances would apply for a childcare position, this is simply not the case. While a background check may show convictions for drug offenses, there is no way to be sure whether an individual uses drugs but just hasn’t been charged in a drug-related crime. While this may not be your first question when dealing with potential caregivers, it is an extremely important factor to consider.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Before they are accepted, applicants are subjected to a full-panel drug test conducted by Quest Diagnostics. Positive results that indicate illegal drug use (cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, marijuana, or PCP) are immediately disclosed to ABC Nanny Source and we take the results of these tests very seriously. A dependable and professional caregiver must always be free from any illegal substance. The nanny you choose will be a role model for your children, therefore it is important that they are a positive role model in every way.

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Verification Group
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Question: Is it crucial that your family get a full understanding of the past positions the candidate being considered held?

Concern with Online Searches: Since resumes that candidates submit to online databases are written personally and inspired from online templates, they can be misleading; the candidate may embellish their skill set and character traits. Online resume searches will provide you with an overload of results, leaving you to sort through many resumes that do not fit your requirements. Once you narrow it down to candidates that appear appropriate, you are still faced with the uncertainty of their honesty and background.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We have dedicated an entire department at ABC Nanny Source to this need alone. We require two individual character references and at least three childcare-based references. The ABC Team communicates individually with each family that has provided a recommendation on behalf of one our applicants to verify the authenticity of the recommendation. At ABC Nanny Source, we pride ourselves our personally hand-picked selection of nannies. We provide you with all the tools needed for you to select your nanny with confidence.

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Question: Is it important that the candidates your family is considering have legal authorization to accept employment in the United States?

Concern with Online Searches: Because any online search you conduct will be done based on the information the candidate provides you, there is no way to detect identity theft through these means. If they provide you with a fraudulent ID, then you will be seeing the background of that ID holder, not the background of the person you are interviewing. If you are dealing with a fraudulent background, you could be inviting an identity thief into your home. Another concern is the illegality of employing someone who is not authorized to work in the United States. You may think the candidate is a US citizen, but that belief is based solely on the information they gave to you.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We complete a social security verification trace on each and every candidate to verify that they are legally authorized to accept employment in the United States. We require all documentation to be current and in good standing.

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Question:In the event of a life-threatening situation, is it important to you that your nanny is trained to react appropriately? Seconds matter!

Concern with Online Searches: Prospective nannies may claim that they are CPR trained, yet too often these certifications are beyond the recommended renewal date. This renders them invalid.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source verifies and stores proof on file for the current CPR certification of each nanny we represent. When it comes to protecting your loved ones, this safety measure is essential and should not be taken lightly.

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Question: Is it of import that the nanny you employ is committed to staying long term as a part of your family?

Concern with Online Searches: Some applicants plan to use a nanny position as a temporary paycheck between other life events. They may be planning to move, change careers, go to college, etc. Many candidates will not reveal those plans during interviews with you, because, let’s face it, they want the job, even if it’s temporary. This leaves you in the position of beginning a new nanny search after your children may have bonded with current nanny. You are back to square one, but now you will have the added stress of your child losing that emotional bond.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: All accepted ABC Nannies have signed a one-year commitment pledge that states their full intent to stay with their family for a minimum of one year. ABC does not accept any candidates who are in a known transitional period since we know that continuity in every family is essential should be prioritized.

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Question: Is it important to your family that you have a resource you can go to with any questions or concerns you may have at any time during your nanny’s employment?

Concern with Online Searches: When finding a nanny through the internet alone, there are NO Placement Counselors available to help you and any fee paid comes with NO guarantee. There is simply no individualized assistance available. You are on your own.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Placement Counselors pride themselves in staying
in touch with families personally, even after placement, and are available to you at any time. ABC is so confident in each placement that we offer each client a full one-year guarantee of services.



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